How do I work with a customer who has no problems | Partner Work Methodology

How do I work with a customer who has no problems | Partner Work Methodology

On a dark, dark night, a customer in a black, black coat fails to repay his installment plan. And other "horror stories" from partners. You have already been explained in "Partner Work Methodology", and continue to be explained at webinars and in chats what you should do in "scary" cases. Dealing with installments and overdue payments is given a lot of attention.

What do you do if you get a problem-free customer? He makes his payments as scheduled, things are going well for him, and there are no questions for you. No problem, so there's nothing to talk about?

There is. The goal of partner's working with an installment plan is to get each installment plan paid off in full. That's why, when the customer makes the first payment, you draw their attention to the fact that most of the shares are credited upon the last payment. It is to the customer's advantage to get to that last payment in order to get their profit in its entirety. And it's great if you occasionally remind even your problem-free customer of this.

Ask your customer in chats or groups where you've added them how they're doing with their installment plan. You shouldn't be afraid to seem intrusive, take it as a manifestation of caring. In fact, this way the customer will feel more comfortable knowing that you are ready to support and help solve any issue if difficulties arise.

What else is there to talk about with a customer who doesn't have any problems?

• About early repayment of installment plans. The customer could have been unaware or forgotten that they had the opportunity to get the bonus shares. Share this information with them.
• About increasing the number of shares in the package. Explain to the customer that this way they will keep the discount of the purchase stage, i.e. the new shares will cost them less than for a first-time purchaser.
• About repaying an installment plan without a single day overdue! Explain to your customer how they can get a bonus for their impeccable payment discipline.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to have a productive dialogue with a problem-free customer. Monitor the news and share it with the customer. Keep in touch! In order to be able to respond quickly in case the customer does encounter a difficulty. And, also, to remind them about the partner program when the time is right. For example, if the customer confesses that they would like to invest more but can't afford it yet.

Don't forget to check out "Partner Work Methodology" – there are many more questions and situations it can give you tips on.