Hub motor: innovative technology for casting the rotor with aluminum in action

Hub motor: innovative technology for casting the rotor with aluminum in action

Many people asked, "Where's the hub motor, why did you stop working with it?" 

Our answer: the hub motor has not been abandoned, we are actively working with it, including the patenting and other areas.

On June 21, the first successful casting of the hub motor rotor with aluminum took place. 

For your reference:

Size 318 hub motor ("Kolobok") has been subjected to many tests: its winding was poured with water at the exhibitions in Monaco, it was accelerated to enormous speeds while riding in the rain, in the mud, experiments on motocross tracks were carried out. And what's important - the hub motor still operates thanks to the knowledge and excellent expertise of the "Sovelmash" specialists. 

Earlier, the "Sovelmash" engineers designed the world's first induction hub motor. It is based on the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology and this was one of the options for implementing the technology. The engineers demonstrated the feasibility of the technology, its consistency and a number of advantages. The rotor for it consisted of copper and electrical steel plates and was made using quite expensive technology. 

Thanks to the work that was carried out on the leased premises, particularly in the casting area, the "Sovelmash" specialists have fine-tuned the technology of casting the short-circuited rotors with aluminum. 
This has been demonstrated, as many of you have already seen, with built-in motors for power tools:

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After that, thanks to the equipment placed on the leased premises, the "Sovelmash" specialists were able to cast the rotor made of sections with aluminum using the mass production technology. 

Stay tuned for our updates - in the future we'll tell you about our further work with the hub motor and more.