Dmitriy Duyunov responded to a letter from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Dmitriy Duyunov responded to a letter from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

As you know, licensed winders have modernized dozens of thousands of different induction electric motors using the "Slavyanka" technology all over the world.

One of the winders living in Novosibirsk, who works with air-conditioning systems, imported compressors, etc., addressed an official letter to the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Department of Physical and Technical Sciences, with a question about support for the technology by the representatives of academic science, professors, gurus of electrical engineering.

The answer was as follows:

"The main disadvantage of your proposed electric motor design is the low stator winding utilization factor, which is due to the actual filling of the stator slot with two independent winding branches. Ultimately, this leads to overconsumption of the winding wire and a decrease in the specific performance of electric machines compared to the traditional winding scheme. Insignificant advantages of electric machines of the proposed design in terms of efficiency can be achieved only in starting modes, provided that the electric machines operate directly from the mains without frequency vector control devices. Given the above, as well as trends in the use of industrial frequency control systems for general-purpose industrial electric motors, the implementation of your proposals seems inexpedient. In case of your interest, the State Scientific Institution of the United Institute of Mechanical Engineering under the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is ready to develop and provide a feasibility study of the above conclusion, including the possibility of experimental studies on certified test bench equipment".

Dmitriy A. Duyunov commented on this decision, including a review of the subtleties in the operation of electric motors made by applying the combined winding technology "Slavyanka". The topics of scientific and technology development, frequency control of general-purpose industrial motors, converting motors with energy efficiency classes IE1 to IE3 to "Slavyanka" based ones and others were also addressed.

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