What makes the "Slavyanka" technology innovative

What makes the "Slavyanka" technology innovative

The world as we know it is based on induction motors - there are more than 10 billion of them on the planet. At the same time, there were no radical changes in the motor design for almost the entire 20th century.

Traditional induction motors rely on only one winding type: either "star" or "delta". The idea of combining winding types was first announced in 1906. Subsequently, several combined winding patents had been registered that preceded the "Slavyanka" technology. However, combined winding types were not widely used in practice, since they could not be applied in all motor types.

In 1995, Russian engineer Dmitriy Duyunov succeeded in establishing a general principle for using combined winding for different types and sizes of motors. The technology was patented and patriotically named "Slavyanka" ("Slav").

Dmitriy Duyunov has developed more than 300 combined winding circuits. Calculations and computer modeling confirmed those results that had been obtained earlier in practice.

• Motors with "Slavyanka" save up to 40% of energy compared to traditional induction motors of the same size.
• Their production takes one-third less copper and electrical steel.
• Combined winding motors run much longer without any repairs, even under high loads. There are examples of motors that have been operating without failure for more than 20 years.

It became obvious that the technology would be in wide demand and would not only make money, but also significantly improve people's lives and the planet's environment.

In order to implement the potential of "Slavyanka", the "Sovelmash" engineering center is being built in Moscow. It will develop combined winding electric motors to meet customers' needs.

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