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In order to commercialize the "Slavyanka" technology on the world market, it is planned to build "SovElMash" design and engineering technology department (D&E).

Here the team of engineer Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov will develop electric motors using the "Slavyanka" technology of any complexity, for various applications, according to the customer needs.

Duyunov's motors

Construction site

SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow"

In 2019, the Moscow government supported the innovative project, recognizing its significance and relevance. The result of this support was "SovElMash" obtaining the resident status in the state special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow". A land plot at the "Alabushevo" site was provided to the project for lease with the right of subsequent purchase.

"SovElMash" will also receive other support from the state: tax incentives, infrastructure in the form of communications, motorways and railroads, as well as access to the free trade zone. All of this will help the enterprise to develop innovative business in optimal conditions.

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How will "SovElMash" earn profit?

Developing efficient electric motors using the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" is one of the main lines within which the "SovElMash" design and engineering department will earn profit.

The customers of the innovative center will be manufacturers of electric transport, machine tools and equipment, household appliances, plants, military, aviation and industrial enterprises. The "SovElMash" team will be able to develop electric motors for any industry.

The cost of motor development service on average starts from $ 30 million and depends on the purpose, size and complexity of the product. "SovElMash" is capable of completing up to 3 such orders per year. Today the company and its potential customers are entering into agreements of intent to cooperate.

Duyunov's motors
  • Customer request to "SovElMash"
  • Designing an electric motor
  • Handing motor documentation to the customer

Learn more details about the work stages on the official "SovElMash" website

Become the co-owner of
"SovElMash" D&E

Today every person from any country can become an investor of the project "Duyunov's motors" and get a share in the innovative business: 49.5% of the enterprise will be distributed between all the investors participating in the project.
SOLARGROUP 49,5% Developers 25,5% Management 25%
  • SOLARGROUP Project investor — 49.5%

The interests of investors in the project are represented by SOLARGROUP.

It is an international finance company operating in the field of crowdinvesting. Using the crowd investment mechanism and an extensive partner network, it organizes funding for the project "Duyunov's motors".

SOLARGROUP is the co-founder of OOO "SovELMash" with the 49.5% share. Later on, after reorganization of the enterprise into a public joint stock company, the shares will be exchanged to "SovElMash" stock.

Official website: solar.group

  • "ASiPP" Developers — 25.5%

The holder of the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" is OOO "ASiPP".

This is a research and production enterprise of technology and innovation type, established in 2001. It is engaged in energy-saving technologies, developments in the field of plasma technologies, welding technologies, power supply units and lighting equipment. The company "ASiPP". worked on motors with "Slavyanka" before the project start.

Project initiator, co-founder of OOO "SovElMash".

Official website: as-pp.ru

  • Management Project investor — 25%

Commercial unit.

Part of the company will be distributed between the management responsible for commercialization of the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" and promotion of "SovElMash" services.

  • "SovElMash" Commercialization project

"Sovelmash" has been established with the purpose of making profit through commercialization of the innovative combined winding technology"Slavyanka"

Tasks completed by "Sovelmash": development, putting into production and introduction of the energy efficient electric rotating machines into all areas of human activity alongside decommissioning of those machines that have exhausted their operational resource.

Official website: sovelmash.ru

Project development stages

Stage 1. Active start

Start: June 1, 2017

Achievements: The amount of attracted investments exceeds 50 million rubles. The official website and investor's back office are launched. Almost 10 thousand participants join the project. A showroom with Duyunov's hub motor is opened in Moscow to introduce the technology to a wider audience.

The project team prepares the foundation for further growth: registration of the group of companies starts, the application is filed to locate the future enterprise in the special economic zone "Technopolis "Moscow", prepayment for the first manufacturing equipment is made, the first agreements on developing customized electric motors are created.

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Stage 2. Start of cooperation with the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow"

Start: September 23, 2017

Achievements: The project receives a land plot at the "Alabushevo" site in the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow". Due to the expansion of tasks and staff, additional office premises are rented by "SovElMash" in Zelenograd. Test bench equipment for testing electric motors is purchased.

The team of engineers develop the bottom-bracket motor and motors for power tools. Dmitriy Duyunov publishes the reference guide "Combined Windings of Electric Machines".

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Stage 3. Increase in the number of participants and amount of investments, launching test bench equipment

Start: December 17, 2017

Achievements: The project attracts 200 million rubles in investments, There are 46 thousand registered participants in the back office. There are 915 project partners working all over the world. The users make 300 registrations daily in the back office.

March 2018 is a record-breaking time by the amount of investments attracted. "SovElMash" implements a testing laboratory, the test bench equipment is assembled and put into operation.

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Stage 4. Duyunov's technology is becoming more and more widely known

Start: March 31, 2018

Achievements: The project attracts 300 million rubles in investments. There are 65,000 registered participants in the back office and the partner network amounts to almost 2,000 partners.

Duyunov's technology is presented at the exhibition in "Skolkovo" at Startup Village. A major partner provides a letter of guarantee on additional funding of the project vouching for its full implementation. To regulate the relations between the investor and the company, the investment agreement is introduced. The bench equipment is used for testing electric motors.

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Stage 5. Record volume of investments and new equipment at "SovElMash"

Start: July 7, 2018

Achievements: The project brings together 80 thousand participants from 116 countries; August 2018 breaks another record by the volume of attracted investments. New features appear in the investor's back office.

In China, the sales of mass-produced DA-90S motors modernized using Duyunov's technology are launched which has a significant impact on the project popularization. Mass production of motors is organized by the company ASPP Weihai Technology headed by Victor Arestov - the licensee of "ASiPP" and the project partner.

Regular live meetings with investors and other people interested in technology and investments are held in different cities. The front office of SOLARGROUP team opens in Khimki, Moscow region.

The laser equipment is installed in the laboratory. Now the capacities of the company "SovElMash" allow carrying out a complete workflow cycle: from the execution of terms of reference to production, testing and certification of the "Slavyanka" motors.

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Stage 7. Resident status of the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" and the international conference

Start: October 11, 2018

Achievements: On February 15, 2019 "SovElMash" officially obtains the status of a special economic zone resident and is given a land plot for construction of the innovative center at the "Alabushevo" site. The agreement between "SovElMash" and the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" is signed at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. Active preparation of documents for the construction start is underway.

The first batch of DA-90S motors arrives to Moscow from China. Motorized Systems becomes the AS&PP dealer selling DA-100S and DA-90S motors in Russia. "SovElMash" laboratory launches new units: casting and vacuuming. The motors and controllers are being tested.

On February 16, 2019 the first international conference of the project is held in Moscow, visited by more than 500 people from 11 countries.

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Stage 9. Preparation for the innovative center construction and the first national representative office of the project

Start: March 1, 2019

Achievements: The lans lease agreement for the plot in "Alabushevo" is submitted for state registration. Contracts with the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" and the general contractor BLOCK for the construction of the design and engineering department (D&E) are signed. The design project of the future innovative center with exterior and interior visualization is developed. In Zelenograd, the department of permanent construction is shaped to supervise the construction.

The first IE3 class motor in IE1 housing is developed. The work on developing specifications for 7,500 models of general purpose industrial electric motors of sizes 52 to 132 is completed. "SovElMash" successfully passes the audit.

On June 8, the first national representative office of the project is opened in Paris: SOLARGROUP officially enters the international level.

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Stage 10. International geographic reach expansion and certification of "SovElMash" laboratory

Start: June 25, 2019

Achievements: 3 more national representative offices of the project are opened: in Abidjan, Hamburg and Sofia. The official website of "SovElMash" in Russian is launched. The land lease agreement with the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" for the construction of D&E is registered in Rosreestr, the preparatory activities start at the site.

The "SovElMash" test bench passes the state certification and can officially take measurements.

A new load bank is installed in the laboratory, and a pelletizer is purchased for the casting shop. The production of the first pilot batch of controllers is launched. DA-100S motors are tested in China and Russia.

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Stage 11. Entering the Asian markets and investment boom

Start: October 1, 2019

Achievements: National representative offices are opened in three countries: India, Vietnam and Hungary. The conference in New Delhi gathers 1,000 people and becomes the most large-scale in the history of the project. The back office now operates in 20 languages of the world, and the investors can receive a package of documents by mail signed by the head of SOLARGROUP and stamped.

ASPP Weihai Technology launches a number of new projects in Asia using Duyunov's motors: production of electric motorcycles and scooters in South Korea, converting diesel boats into electric boats with solar panels in Thailand, the development of electric tuk-tuks on solar panels in India.

Modernized motors in IE1 housing successfully pass energy efficiency tests at "SovElMash", demonstrating class IE3 and IE4 performance. In the laboratory, a new machine press for assembling and pressing stators into the body and the raster laser to engrave the parts are installed. Duyunov obtains a patent for a new unique invention that has no rivals in the world: the energy-efficient inverted induction machine.

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Stage 12. Producing the first batch of motors and opening the first foreign office

Start: December 31, 2019

Achievements: "SovElMash" produces the first batch of size 100 traction motors with IP65 protection class. The event can be called a milestone: these are the first in the world electric motors with the combined winding "Slavyanka" developed and produced from scratch.

The architectural and construction design project of the "SovElMash" innovative center is submitted for state examination. Upon completion of the inspection, the construction will start.

The first foreign office of the project is opened in Vietnam, as well as the national representative offices in Croatia and Senegal. The international conferences are held in Zagreb and Dakar. The investor's back office is updated: the design and navigation are improved, new features are added - double payment and early repayment of installment loans.

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Stage 13.

Start: April 1, 2020.

"SovElMash" continues to develop and test new motors with the combined winding "Slavyanka". Architectural and construction design project of the innovative center passes state examination.

The "SovElMash" trademark is officially registered. The corresponding certificate has been obtained. The trademark makes "SovElMash" products recognizable and guarantees their authenticity to customers.

The project presentations are held online weekly in different countries.

Follow the project development every day in the "News" section of the back office - https://reg.solargroup.pro/news/posts

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Stage 14.

Start: August 6, 2020.

Achievements. Stage 14 became one of the most significant ones in the project history.

On October 15, the State Construction Supervision Committee of Moscow issued the construction permit for the design and engineering technology department to "SovElMash". A huge amount of preliminary work had been completed over several years. The D&E project passed numerous examinations in various states agencies. The construction permit paved the way for construction activities on the territory of the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow".

New general general contractor for the construction of "SovElMash" D&E has been announced. Currently the general contractor is the Russian company "HAKA Moscow", the subcontractor — the company Astron.

In autumn 2020, the construction camp was completed on the "SovElMash" site in "Alabushevo"; the camp meets all the modern occupational safety and health standards — all the conditions for comfortable work and rest of the specialists are provided here. Around the site perimeter most temporary roads made of concrete slabs have been built, the temporary utilities have been connected including water and electricity supply, drainage.

The metal frame for the future D&E has been partially produced at the Astron plant in Yaroslavl. When all the parts are made, they will go to the "SovElMash" site where the metal frame will be assembled by applying the bolt assembly technology. No additional adjustment is required because the structures are factory-made with high level of precision.

All the D&E construction activities are being carried out in full compliance with the preliminary schedule.

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Stage 15. Construction of the "SovElMash" D&E

Начало: 31 декабря 2020 года.

По графику продолжается строительство проектно-конструкторского технологического бюро «СовЭлМаш». В Китае закуплено оборудование для создания автоматизированной линии по производству двигателей со «Славянкой» в будущем ПКТБ.

The company "SovElMash" continues to develop and test new motors with the "Slavyanka"-type combined winding.

The project presentations are held online weekly in different countries.

Следите за развитием проекта ежедневно в разделе «Новости» личного кабинета - {link}

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Stages 14-20

At the final investment stages, the project "Duyunov's motors" will continue to perform the tasks necessary for successful commercialization of the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" :

  • construction of the "SovElMash" innovative center and commissioning it,
  • purchasing the equipment necessary for the company's operation and equipping the "SovElMash" premises with it,
  • developing motors,
  • hiring staff,
  • obtaining new patents,
  • signing new agreements with the customers placing motor orders.
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Our achievements

What has been done using the attracted investments?
Modern laboratory

The "SovElMash" laboratory is the heart of the project where the company's engineers are working daily on new electric motors as well as enhancing the combined winding technology "Slavyanka".

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including measuring (metrological) and testing equipment. It allows to conduct tests and research of electric motors with "Slavyanka", demonstrating their advantages over the rivals.

The equipment of the "SovElMash" laboratory has passed state certification and verification, therefore, the results that the company shows are officially recognized around the world.

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Testing area

The testing area is a place where "SovElMash" can produce prototype models and individual batches of electric motors with the combined winding "Slavyanka" today.

The company independently manufactures critical elements of electric motors. This approach allows not to give the drawings of unique products to third parties, which reduces the risk of information leakage.

Casting shop

Vacuum die casting and production of non-standard product parts are carried out in the "SovElMash" casting shop. The casting unit, pelletizer, vacuum degasser, induction heater and muffle furnace operate here.

Vacuum die casting allows making high-quality castings.

Winding shop

In the workshop, there is a winding table, winding machine and some other equipment necessary for automated winding of electric motor sections.

The main tooling for winding the sections is made by applying additive technologies with our own 3D printer and is being continuously fine-tuned.

Besides, another large scope of work was done
  • New
    patents obtained
  • New electric motors developed
  • Agreements with the future customers signed
  • State level support obtained
  • Small-scale production of the "Slavyanka" motors launched
  • Original controller developed
  • Engineering documentation prepared

History of "SovElMash" innovative center construction

Follow every step of the construction
Signing the land lease agreement with the SEZ "Technopolis "Moscow" for construction of "SovElMash" innovative center. Registering the agreement in Rosreestr (the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography).
April 2019
History of the enterprise construction
Signing the trilateral agreement between the company "SovElMash", technical client SEZ "Technopolis" Moscow" and general contractor on the innovative center construction.
June 2019
History of the enterprise construction
Preparing the site for construction, building the fence.
August 2019
History of the enterprise construction
Mounting the information banner.
September 2019


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