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The company SOLARGROUP

SOLARGROUP is a new generation international finance company doing business in the field of crowdinvesting.

With the help of a collective investment mechanism and an extensive partner network, SOLARGROUP organizes funding for the project "Duyunov's motors".

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Duyunov's motors

Partner program

The partner program is a form of business cooperation between SOLARGROUP and active people who want to develop projects funded by SOLARGROUP and earn profit from it.

If you have a proactive attitude to life, want to do something useful, be part of a large community and seek for an honest and mutually beneficial cooperation — start doing business with SOLARGROUP today.

Двигатели Дуюнова

Partner program features

One of the highest referral fees in the industry.
Up to 16% from first-level customers
Payments from the partner structure up to level 24 in depth
  • You can promote our projects and get the referral fee without any personal investments
  • Referral remuneration is credited immediately and automatically to your account in the back office
  • Referral remuneration is credited in monetary terms and is available for withdrawal to your plastic card or a payment system wallet
  • There are no restrictions for the number of personally invited investors and partners
  • Partner statuses change automatically
  • Minimum remuneration available for withdrawal is $50

How does a partner earn?

A partner earns money by promoting projects funded by SOLARGROUP and receives referral remuneration for his/her work, which can be withdrawn at any time in monetary funds.

Duyunov's motors
  • Sign the Partnership agreement in the back office.
  • Recommend our projects to your acquaintances.
  • Get a referral fee for your work.
Duyunov's motors

How do I become the partner?

To become a partner of SOLARGROUP, you should study and sign the partnership agreement in the "Documents" section of the back office.

Duyunov's motors
Become a partner

Anyone can earn money

You should try it too
  • Are you a beginner?
    Tell your friends and acquaintances about the project "Duyunov's motors" and earn your first referral remuneration.
  • Are you a marketing specialist?
    Place advertisements on the Internet and get remuneration for each attracted customer.
  • Are you a blogger?
    Have a lot of friends in social media, a frequently viewed website or a YouTube channel? Tell your subscribers about the project "Duyunov's motors" and earn money from it.
  • Are you an MLM leader?
    Have a structure in another company? Tell them about the project "Duyunov's motors" and start earning more!

Every partner has access to

Free training
Free training
Marketing materials
Marketing materials
24/7 customer support
SOLARGROUP partners represent an international open community, and you can become a part of it too!
Partner groups:
Partner chats:

"National partner" program

Are you a strong leader who wants to become SOLARGROUP's representative in your country?

You will get:

  • Upgraded partner status
  • Additional referral fee from your region's turnover
  • An opportunity to speak officially on behalf of the company
Send the request

You can send an application here

Your name
Your phone number
Your email

Opened national representative offices

Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria
flag-BG Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria
Gilles Weber,
                                Côte d'Ivoire,
flag-FR Gilles Weber, France, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali.
Massimiliano Vivian Rossini, Peru
flag-PE Massimiliano Vivian Rossini, Peru
Александр Манжула, Russia
flag-RU Alexander Manzhula, Russia
Кумисбек Нуртазин, Kazakhstan
flag-KZ Kumisbek Nurtazin, Kazakhstan
Marco Hubert Scheidbach, Austria
flag-AU Marco Hubert Scheidbach, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Martha Crespín Calderón, Ecuador
flag-EC Martha Crespín Calderón, Ecuador
Trinh Van Long, Vietnam
flag-VN Trinh Van Long, Vietnam
Birdi Gulshan Kumar,
flag-IN Gulshan Kumar Birdi, India, Nepal, Italy.
Johann Butschbach, Germany
flag-DE Johann Butschbach, Germany
Ishaku Marley, Nigeria
flag-NG Ishaku Marley, Nigeria
Vasko Popovski, North Macedonia
flag-MK Vasko Popovski, North Macedonia

Earn money together with us

The partner program is a good reason to share information about the project "Duyunov's motors" with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues, and get referral remuneration as a result.

If you get engaged in it professionally, the partner program will become your main source of income and the extensive partner network will bring unlimited passive income.

Duyunov's motors

Feedback from our partners

More than 18 600 partners make money with SOLARGROUP

the project!

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