Capacities of the "Sovelmash" casting area at the beginning of 2021

To date, "Sovelmash" has its own capacities located on the leased premises: the high-precision testing laboratory, the testing area that we have already told you about, in the winding and casting areas. 
 In the new video, watch a tour of the casting area conducted for you by the design engineer of "Sovelmash" Sergey Bychkov. 
 The casting area is divided into 2 zones: 
 - casting zone,
 - machining zone.
 The following equipment is available in the casting zone: 
 - a vacuum die casting machine required for casting various parts: housings, rotor squirrel cages, etc. The metal is melted in a crucible, through which nitrogen is supplied. That is, the melting process takes place in a protective environment to improve the quality of the resulting products. From the crucible, the metal enters the vacuum chamber, where the flask is already prepared. The vacuum chamber is connected to a vacuum pump, which creates the vacuum inside. It is used to pour the metal into the flask; 
 - pelletizer - necessary for processing larger materials into small pellets; 
 - muffle furnace - used for several lines of work: to prepare flasks for metal casting, as well as to dry large-sized stators or several stators at once;
 - industrial drying cabinet whose main purpose is to dry the varnished stators as single units;
 - induction heater - necessary for heating metal materials. It is used for heat treatment, for soldering rotor squirrel cages and other technological operations.
 The entire casting area is equipped with an exhaust system, which allows you to draw out all the generated heat and combustion products. 
 The machining zone consists of:
 - a grinding machine;
 - a drilling machine;
 - a tool sharpening machine;
 - a hydraulic press - this press is used to place the stator in the frame and put the bearings on the shafts, etc.;
 - a turning and milling machine - used to make tooling and various parts, to fine-tune motors. This machine is equipped with a frequency converter. There is also a complete set of tools necessary for work: cutters, clamps, vices, etc.
 Watch this video to learn more about the capacities of the casting area. And in the next videos, we will introduce you to the other workflow areas of the company. 
 Enjoy watching and follow our news!