Analyse this! New analytics tools to improve partner performance

Analyse this! New analytics tools to improve partner performance

We have enhanced the "Analytics" section for SOLARGROUP partners. You can now get detailed statistics on partner activity in a more modern and user-friendly design. This information will help you understand which of your activities are effective and what you need to improve, thus enabling you to plan and boost your income.

Ultimately, the efficiency of each partner is the way to successful funding of the project.

Key updates in the "Analytics" section

• New indicators. For example, we now show you the amount of new sales, the number of new investors, the number of repeat purchases.
• Income projections. You can find out how much you will earn upon reaching the maximum partner status.
• The data search filter has become more flexible. Whereas previously you could only see statistics by month, now the following periods are available - for a day, for a week, for 30 days, for 90 days, for a year and for the entire time.
• Statistics for each level of your partner structure. Not only the total value of each indicator is displayed, but also by level. For example, you can find out the amount of referral remuneration earned at level 2 of your structure.

The "Analytics" section still includes two items: "Account Statistics" and "Structure Statistics".

The "Account Statistics" unit displays information on partner account transactions. For example, here you can find out what referral remuneration was earned over a certain period of time and get an income projection.

In the "Structure Statistics" unit you will find data on the number of participants and investors in your structure, information on repeat purchases and total volume of sales. It shows how many partners you have, what countries they are from, what statuses they have achieved and how much money they have attracted to the project.

Explore all the opportunities of our analytics and start applying them in your partner business to the benefit of both yourself and the project!