On May 1, the project "Duyunov's motors" enters a new funding stage - stage 16

April 30 is the last day of stage 15. It started on December 31, 2020 and has significantly advanced the project. Let's sum up the preliminary results of the stage and see what the team has managed to achieve over the past 3 months.
 Construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E 
 Perhaps the most long-awaited event: the construction of the building foundation for the design and engineering technology department has begun. To do this, a pit has been dug, the blanks are being filled with grade 7.5 concrete, the main "floors" of the foundation will be constructed on them.
 Despite the severe weather conditions, the other works necessary for further construction have been carried out at the "Sovelmash" site in "Technopolis "Moscow": 
  - the transformer substation has been connected, now electricity can be fed from "Technopolis "Moscow", and not from diesel generators;
  - the drainage of meltwater from the construction site has been set up;
  - creation of a project well for connecting to the central sewerage system has started, 
  - outdoor lighting has been installed. 
 Simultaneously with the construction works, the metal structures for the building frame continue to be supplied. The main scope of them is already on the site, which will ensure avoiding downtime in the works performed. 
 Equipment has been purchased to create the automated line for production of electric motors with "Slavyanka" in "Sovelmash". It is capable of producing up to 30 different motor modifications, and demonstrate to customers the capacities of mass producing the developed motor. In the near future, the equipment will be installed on the leased premises of the company, and in the future it will be moved to the D&E territory. 
 The "Sovelmash" engineers have developed a new design of the incremental encoder and created a plant that can produce sensors both to meet the company's needs and for sale. The inhouse-developed encoders will allow to significantly reduce the production cost of the motor and be independent from the supply of important components from abroad. 
 Thus, Duyunov's team is doing everything to ensure that after the construction is completed, the D&E starts operating as soon as possible and in as productive way as possible. 
 New developments by ASPP Weihai and "STIIN" 
 ASPP Weihai has launched the production of a four-pole combined winding traction motor DA-132SL. One of the prototypes is planned to be sent for performance testing in Russia, the other one will be tested by Victor Arestov himself by installing it in a Suzuki minivan. 
 Another project by ASPP Weihai is a pickup truck with four-wheel drive and two DA-112SL motors. More details about the development are available here https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/1746  
 The company "STIIN" installed the combined winding motor DA-90S in one of the most popular models of cargo tricycles in the world — Bajaj Maxima. The development was also equipped with a controller manufactured by ASPP Weihai and a solar battery. Thanks to the cost efficiency of the motor, the tricycle will be able to run exclusively on solar energy in tropical countries. Such vehicles will be extremely relevant in India, where the government has announced a complete conversion of all tricycles from internal combustion engines to electric traction. 
 New developments with Duyunov's motor demonstrate to the whole world the great potential of the "Slavyanka" technology, shape the demand for it in the global transport market. 
 New national representative offices of SOLARGROUP 
 Two more have appeared. The national representative offices in Nigeria and Cameroon were opened on March 13. The conferences celebrating these events were accompanied by a high level of interest on the part of the residents, business representatives, and government officials. Gilles Weber became the national partner of SOLARGROUP in Cameroon, and Ishaku Marley - in Nigeria. 
 In total, the company now has 14 national representative offices around the world. In 2021, SOLARGROUP will continue to increase the international scale of the project. The opening of each national representative office is followed by a surge in investor activity in this country, many people believe in the project and support it with investments. At stage 15, the number of investors increased by 7 %, reaching more than 36,000 people. 
 So, 4/5 of the project is almost completed. With each new achievement of the team, the risks for investors become less and less, and the opportunity to earn a profit is getting closer. 
 The best time to invest in the "Sovelmash" D&E is at the current stage that offers a more beneficial discount. At stage 16, the price of the investment shares will increase. 
 Besides, we remind you about the project offer according to which, any investor can purchase a new package at a discount of the previous one within 30 days after full repayment of the installment plan. Therefore, if you have recently completed making payment for your installment plan or are going to do so before the end of stage 15, we recommend that you take advantage of this offer. It will also be beneficial to the rest of the investors: if you buy an investment package in installments at a discount of stage 15, you will be able to purchase another package at the same discount in the future. For more information, follow the link https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/1561 
 Hurry up to invest in the large-scale and extremely promising "Sovelmash" enterprise that will develop the most efficient electric motors in the world. Take care of your future financial well-being and the planet's environment!
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