Top 5 articles about "Sovelmash"

Top 5 articles about "Sovelmash"

"Sovelmash" is mentioned more and more often in the media space. Here's a selection of five most relevant, interesting, and detailed articles in the media. It will be useful to those who want to better understand the activities of "Sovelmash" and share information with others.

"Zvezda" TV channel
Video interview with Alexander Sudarev, Deputy General Director for Public Relations at "Sovelmash", recorded at the the "Army-2022" forum. For those who want to learn about innovation in an accessible form.
The interview describes the company's latest developments, the advantages of the "Slavyanka" technology and the innovative activities of the future engineering center.

Video in Russian.
Our translation of the piece in English.

Forbes Magazine
Article "Innovations for Industry: "Sovelmash" Launches a New Motor Type on the Market". For those who want to explore the project in detail and share information with partners.

The article describes in detail the purpose of establishing "Sovelmash", its operating capacities, developments and plans for the future. Special attention is paid to the crowdinvesting method of project funding. There are active links leading to the registration page in the back office and a link to a video about the project.

Read the original article here.

Russian Business Guide Magazine
Article "Sovelmash" on the Way to an Energy-Efficient Future". For those who want to learn more about "Sovelmash" from the company's General Director. Among other things, the article covers the company's services and customers, crowdinvesting and the engineering center construction.
The original article can be found in Russian on page 30, in English - on page 32.

Article "Induction Electric Motors Designed Based on Russian Technology Will Be Offered to the Military". For those interested in technical details.
The article was published in connection with the participation of "Sovelmash" in the military and industrial forum "Army-2022". It describes the company's latest innovative developments that were presented at the forum and aroused the greatest interest from visitors.
The original article is here.

Industry Factsheet: Russian Public Transport 2022
Article "Sovelmash": Solutions for Energy-Efficient Electric Drives for General and Special Applications". For those who want to learn in detail about the company's products and services.

The article was prepared in the framework of "Sovelmash"'s participation in the Russian Public Transport Week.

The original article can be found here.

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