Dmitriy Duyunov on the new construction stage

Dmitriy Duyunov on the new construction stage

A new significant stage of work has begun at the "Sovelmash" construction site: the landscaping of the area around the design and engineering technology department. The equipment is removing excess soil, and as soon as the engineering networks are completed, the area will be backfilled with sand and prepared for asphalt laying and other landscaping work.

Work on the engineering networks is both intensive and extensive. The heating pipeline trays are being made and the water pipes are being completed. The stormwater drainage system has been looped and connected to the well, and a pipe remains to be laid to connect it to the "Technopolis" drainage system.

Doors are being fitted inside the building and the production line is being commissioned. The formation of a coating line has begun. Improving the flights of stairs and other finishing work is in progress.

Watch a video report with Dmitriy Duyunov and Alexander Sudarev to find out more about the construction progress.

Dmitriy Duyunov says that the pace of work has accelerated considerably over the past month, thanks to an increase in the volume of investment achieved through the SOLARGROUP lottery.

It is important to maintain the project's funding level in order to complete the D&E as scheduled. The "+5% to the top-up amount" offer is valid until May 31. You can find out more about it by following the link.

Hurry up to participate and support the "Sovelmash" D&E construction!