Pavel Filippov: "The most important things were said not by us on stage, but by the partners themselves!"

Pavel Filippov: "The most important things were said not by us on stage, but by the partners themselves!"

The free training session for SOLARGROUP partners - from start to success - took place in Lima, Peru, on May 28. The event took place in the conference room of the Crowne Plaza Lima Hotel and attracted more than 50 participants interested in partner business, who had registered in time.

The event lasted three hours with a short break. During the break, the participants took photos with the speakers.

The event speakers included:

• Massimiliano Vivian Rossini, SOLARGROUP's national partner in Peru,
• Pavel Filippov, Head of Advertising and Public Relations,
• Pavel Shadskiy, Commercial Director of SOLARGROUP,
• members of regional leadership councils.

Pavel Filippov presented the program module dedicated to the key actions of partners. This module answered the following questions: where to find customers, how to work with them, how to deliver the project presentation, how to use the back office - and get everything that the company can give to a partner!

Pavel Shadskiy presented the program module on team building. This module answered the questions: where to find partners, how to form and work with a team, how to deliver the partner business presentation, manage a large structure - and reach the top of your career ladder!

The event guests included both experienced company's partners and beginners, as well as those who were just getting ready to start a business with us.

We remind you that the training program is comprehensive and entirely aimed at helping partners earn efficiently. Its appealing feature is more practice, less theory! Each participant got a lot of useful tips and ready-made guidelines on what exactly and in what situation a partner should do. And at the end of the event, everyone was given their own step-by-step action plan.

The speakers did the exercises together with the participants. All the guests were given the opportunity to speak out, and during the networking session the participants exchanged their experience with each other and talked to the company's top officials.

The training has achieved its goal! All the participants have made their own checklist of simple actions accessible to everyone, are ready to earn themselves and pass these opportunities on to others.

Pavel Filippov: "The most important things were said not by us on stage, but by the partners themselves! The leading practitioner partners from Peru talked about what specifically works and what is less effective in their country. And all the Peruvian guests responded actively! They chose what they were ready to try. This is the main value of the training session! A great friendly atmosphere was immediately established. If you take these simple actions that you learn in the training, we are sure you will earn more. A successful person is distinguished from an unsuccessful one by one simple detail: action."

The guests noted in their feedback on the event that they got everything they had come for, and even more. The comprehensive program helped them to set their focus and priorities and to eliminate mistakes. And now the participants are ready to educate their partners using this training.

Moreover, each training participant has access to the program materials, which they will use to scale up their partner structures.

If you are also interested in partner business and live in Ecuador, hurry up and register for the training session that will take place on June 4 in Quito. This is the second training where all the wishes and requests we received during the first one will be taken into account. The event is going to be legendary!

You can find out more and register here.