Opening the "Sovelmash" Trading House | Selling power tools and household appliances

Opening the "Sovelmash" Trading House | Selling power tools and household appliances

Today Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov has announced the opening of the "Sovelmash" Trading House, a platform for selling power tools and household appliances developed by "Sovelmash".

This task was planned for 2023, but is being implemented today thanks to the solid and professional work of the "Sovelmash" team and with the aim of minimizing all the negative factors that affect the achievement of the project goals, brought about by objective reasons: the COVID-19 virus, steep hikes in prices on materials, the imposition of sanctions, etc.

As many of you know, today it has been decided to establish a joint venture in China to produce power tools and household appliances based on the built-in drive developed by "Sovelmash". 

The starting point for this decision was an estimate of the "Sovelmash" drive's production cost made by the Chinese colleagues. 


For your reference:

The "Sovelmash" motor costs less than the rotor of a standard commutator motor.

The induction drive is less expensive than the existing commutator drives and conventional induction drives with classic 50 Hz circuits.

The "Sovelmash"-developed motor is significantly cheaper than BLDC motors (permanent magnet motors) in terms of production cost. 


And when the question of producing the first batch of angle grinders (UShM) and selling them in the Russian Federation arose, the need for a sales tool emerged. 

Now the specialists of "Sovelmash" are working on creating this tool - the "Sovelmash" Trading House.

For this purpose, on June 23 the company purchased the required domain names, and starting today, June 24, the "Sovelmash" Trading House begins its operation.


The "Sovelmash" Trading House page will be accessed only through the company's official website: 

The angle grinders will be the first products to be manufactured in Russia, followed by the planned production of crosscut saws. By the end of the year, four "Sovelmash" products are scheduled to be launched. 

Discounts for investors are planned for purchasing the tools developed by "Sovelmash".

The official dealers are all licensed winders and specialists using the "Slavyanka" combined winding technology.

After gathering the necessary information, the company's specialists will proceed to the next work stage - registration of the "Sovelmash" Trading House as a legal entity affiliated with "Sovelmash". 

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