New investment packages: 200, 250 and 300 thousand dollars

The construction of the design and engineering technology department is in full swing at the "Sovelmash" site in "Technopolis "Moscow". Almost every day we see the frame of the building grow, where unique electric motors unrivaled in energy efficiency and other parameters will be developed.
 Now it is becoming obvious to many people that the project is significantly closer to implementing its goal, and the risks for the investors are minimized. That is why we are increasingly receiving requests to purchase big investment packages. Both the investors who bought the project shares earlier and those who were waiting for the start of the active construction stage are interested in purchasing them. 
 Now there is such an opportunity. $ 200,000, $ 250,000 and $ 300,000 investment packages have become available in the back office. They can be purchased both through a 10 and 20-month installment plan, and in a lump sum.
 To recap, the larger the nominal value of the investment package, the higher the discount on purchasing shares in it. Therefore, it is maximum in the new big packages, which means that by purchasing them, you buy shares on the most beneficial conditions available now in the project.
 The cost of the shares at the enterprise construction stage is significantly lower than it will be after the D&E is put into operation. The investors will be able to earn money on selling the project shares that will be converted into the company's shares at the IPO, as well as receive passive income in dividends from the profits of "Sovelmash". 
 Become one of the key investors of the project "Duyunov's motors" and increase your capital.