Top officials of SOLARGROUP visited the construction site where the "Sovelmash" D&E is being built

On July 12, the representatives of SOLARGROUP - general director Sergey Semyonov, deputy general director for development Sergey Alfeev and head of advertising and public relations Pavel Filippov - visited the "Alabushevo" construction site, where the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department is being built.
 Head of the information and analytics department at "Sovelmash" Alexander Sudarev gave the guests a short tour of the construction site and told them more about the ongoing work and the location of the project buildings. Alexander noted that the one-story extensions would house all the necessary engineering utilities to ensure the operation of the entire complex, including climate control equipment, gas distribution system equipment, equipment ensuring uninterrupted operation of the power grid, etc.

 The total area of the complex will be 14,900 square meters, but with the additional extensions it will amount to about 17,000 (!) square meters. 
 The D&E building meets all the requirements applicable to it. The complex will enable the development and production of electric rotating machines based on the combined winding technology "Slavyanka".
 The following work is being performed:
 installation of ground floor slabs;
 backfilling the pit with sand using layer-by-layer compaction;
 installation of metal structures; 
 column grouting, installation of anchor connections;
 formation of elevator shafts and staircases; 
 installation of the roof and ceilings. Other activities are also being performed. 
 Alexander also spoke about the procurement of the construction materials, explained how metal structures are attached to each other and to the concrete foundation, and why metal structures were chosen as the main material for the "Sovelmash" D&E construction.