Equipment for the "Sovelmash" automated line is ready for shipment to Zelenograd

The equipment for the "Sovelmash" automated production line ordered in China is fully ready for shipment to Zelenograd. This was reported by the company's partner Victor Arestov, who, while being in China, had supervised the preparation of the equipment: "The machines have been packed and are ready to be sent for loading onto the ship. Despite some delays, against all odds, we are pursuing the goal of the project." 
 Meanwhile, on the leased premises of "Sovelmash" in Zelenograd, the preparation of the premises for the production line is being completed. To recap, this line will allow the company to produce small-scale batches of electric motors in the amount of up to 12,000 units per month, depending on the motor size and other factors. This is necessary to demonstrate to the customers the capabilities of automated production for a specific motor model. 
 The "Sovelmash" production line will consist of cutting-edge high-quality equipment, namely: 
 - an automatic winding machine for coil groups of electric motor stators, 
  - a machine for retracting winding coils into the slots of electric motor stators, 
 - machines for forming the winding front parts, 
 - a machine for insulating slots of electric motor stators, 
 - a machine for banding and binding the front parts of stator winding. 
 Once the equipment is delivered and installed at "Sovelmash", the process of its optimization and debugging, adjustment of the operational methodologies, creation of programs and necessary tooling, production of motor prototypes will begin. It is planned that by the time the design and engineering technology department is put into operation, these processes will have been worked out, the automated production line will have been relocated to the D&E territory and will be able to fully perform its functions.