Official distributor of MAGTROL about "Sovelmash"

Recently, the "Sovelmash" laboratory has been visited by the project manager of "Promtex" Valentin Dudkin.

For your reference:

 OOO "Promtex" supplies and services equipment by the world's leading manufacturers producing various types of primary converters: strain gauges of weight, force, torque; inductive and optical travel sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, etc., as well as secondary converters for signal amplification and registration, controllers, servo drives and software for analysis and control of technological processes.
 "Promtex" is a distributor of MAGTROL products, which are also represented in the "Sovelmash" laboratory.
 For more than 50 years, MAGTROL has been offering high-quality equipment to diagnose, measure and control torque - speed - power, force and weight, strain and movement. MAGTROL is the world's leading manufacturer of motor, brake and clutch testing equipment.

 Valentin told us in detail about the activity of "Promtex" and the purpose of his visit:
 "We have been familiar with the "Sovelmash" testing laboratory for a long time. We are currently working on an interesting project, and "Sovelmash" helps us in this respect by providing their own original inhouse-developed software. 
 It is worth noting that only "Sovelmash" has such high-class equipment presented in the laboratory, in Moscow it is exactly the case.
 Our company makes and supplies test benches and develops all possible peripherals for motor and drive testing. And it is important to note that the "Sovelmash" laboratory has the widest range of equipment for electric motors, and this is certainly interesting for us."
 In this video, Valentin Dudkin also talks about the interesting experience of other companies that have collaborated with Promtex and addresses some other topics.
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