"Sovelmash" testing area: before/after

We continue the series of videos about the changes in the leased premises of "Sovelmash". 
 In the previous video, we clearly showed how the "Sovelmash" winding shop has changed since its creation, and after watching this video, you will learn what the testing area looked like in 2017 and what it is like today. 
 At the moment, the following equipment is presented in the "Sovelmash" testing area: 
 - chillers for cooling the equipment connected to them — a large laser complex and systems of loading machines; 
 - a large laser complex; 
 - storage systems for various materials and tools; 
 - an exhibition with the samples of electric motors created by the "Sovelmash" specialists; 
 - a gas supply and gas distribution system.
 The large laser unit is presented as a complex of units: 
 - an ytterbium fiber laser; 
 - a large enclosed laser table, which includes the following convenient solutions - an integrated computer, protective screens, lighting, air purification and filtration system, oxygen sensor;
 - a small laser unit required for engraving;
 - a medium laser unit designed for cutting non-metallic materials, making the tooling from plexiglass, plywood, etc., as well as cutting slot insulation for laying it in the grooves of electric motors. 
 Enjoy watching and stay tuned for our updates!