"Duyunov's motors": reviews of the project by the investors from all over the world

Today, the project "Duyunov's motors" unites more than 305,000 participants from all world countries. What motivates them to trust the project? 
 We receive feedback from the investors from all over the world on a regular basis. We have filmed a video clip using some of them. It features the investors from Russia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Nigeria, Peru and other countries. 
 Uniqueness of the technology and the product that it enables producing.
 The investors especially note the environmental value of "Slavyanka" for the planet and for their regions. Many people want to support the team of inventors. 
 - "At the exhibition conference in Moscow, I saw many people interested in the project, I saw the vehicles with Duyunov's hub motor, I took a ride on a motorbike. It was totally unforgettable: the speed, the power… It became clear to me that the technology is really unique, which sparked the desire to somehow get involved in the project."
 - "Until we completely switch to renewable energy sources, we need to think about how to reduce electricity consumption. I've made the decision to become the investor to support inventors who want to help our planet." 
 "We can all see what these motors are capable of. I follow Victor Arestov's developments in Asia. If the transport in our megacities gets equipped with Duyunov's motors, the air will be cleared, we will all be able to breathe normally." 
 Trust in the team that implements the project.
 Even the most amazing technology cannot benefit the planet without a team that is ready to implement the potential of innovation. The project team has repeatedly proved that it follows the set plan for the D&E construction. 
 - "The moment when "Sovelmash" obtained the resident status of the "Technopolis "Moscow" special economic zone and a land plot in the technology park became crucial for me. "This is really serious," I thought, and made the investment." 
 - "I can see the result, I see how "Sovelmash" is developing, what the investors' money is spent on. Finally, the construction of the design and engineering department in Moscow began, before that the first motors had been released. Everything is moving forward right as stated in the beginning." 
 - "Dmitriy Duyunov and his team are great professionals. Not only are they creating a unique product, they are also building a unique innovative center. Pursuing the big goal. They clearly understand how to achieve this goal and do the best they can."
 - "We are informed daily about the development progress. You can always ask the organizers and partners a question, everything is transparent and clear."
 Earnings prospects.
 The investors are attracted by the opportunities for additional income that the project provides. The owners of the investment shares will receive a profit from the activities of "Sovelmash" in dividends or will be able to earn money by selling the company's shares at the IPO. 
 "I've invested to secure my future so that my children could have the opportunity to get good education." 
 - "The whole world will use electric transport, everything is moving in this direction rapidly. Therefore, those who understand this and take appropriate steps, for example, invest in the company that will produce the best electric motors, will definitely benefit." 
 Affordable and beneficial investment conditions.
 Thousands of people were able to purchase investment shares in the project, since the minimum investment is small (starting from $ 50) and is affordable to most people.
 "You don't need a lot of money to invest right away. You invest a portion of your monthly income in order to return many times more in a few years."
 At the same time, the investors acquire shares of the company at a price that is much lower than it will be after the completion of the project funding, and even more so in a few years, when the D&E begins to complete orders for the development of motors. 
 You can find more investor reviews about the project in the video. 
 We should add that the best way to demonstrate the global scale of the project is through statistics. At the current funding stage 15, which is coming to an end, almost 24,000 people have registered in the back office, and about 4,500 people have invested in the project. The total number of investors has exceeded 37,000. Do you want to join the community of investors in the project "Duyunov's motors"? The best time to do it is before May 19 inclusive, until the end of the current stage, on the most beneficial conditions.