"Sovelmash" winding shop: Before/After

We offer you a series of videos about how the "Sovelmash" premises have changed over the last 3 years.
 At the moment, the company's premises have been renovated, the engineering utilities have been connected, and the necessary equipment has been purchased. But not so long ago, everything was different, as you can see in this video.
 Today, the leased premises are a miniature of the future design and engineering technology department (D&E). "Sovelmash" now has its own facilities located in the winding, testing and casting areas, as well as in the high-precision testing laboratory. 
 This video shows what the winding shop looked like in 2019 and what it is like today. At the moment there are racks with coils of copper wire of various diameters and samples of electric motors and stators, a winding table, a gas supply unit with nitrogen and compressed air fed for the winding table and other equipment, a workstation with milliohmmeter, megohmmeter and scales, a workstation for calculations and information processing, a programmable high-speed coil winding machine with a modernized system of feeding wire to the tooling developed by the "Sovelmash" employees which eliminates wire overlapping and jamming.
 Recently, we have posted a video in which we talk in detail about the facilities of "Sovelmash" located in the winding area. You can also view it by following the link: https://youtu.be/s8pQAuAC9t8  
 Enjoy watching it and stay tuned for our updates!