Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

At the "Alabushevo" site, the large-scale work on casting concrete slabs and erecting foundation floors for the "Sovelmash" D&E building is underway. The transportation of equipment and motors to the temporary storage premises located on the territory of the future D&E continues too. 
 At the end of stage zero at the "Alabushevo" construction site, an event will be held to bury the time capsule. The opportunity to perpetuate their name in the history of "Sovelmash" has been restored for the project investors. To do this, send your details to the email until May 11, 2021 inclusive. For more information, follow the link https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/1815  
 In the Chinese city district of Weihai, a conference was held with the participation of representatives of more than 60 plants producing electric motors. Victor Arestov, the partner of "Sovelmash" and head of ASPP Weihai, also took part in it. The event was dedicated to the new legal requirements restricting the use of IE3 efficiency class motors and banning the use of motor classes IE1 and IE2 in the country. 
  The plants will either have to overhaul production to target more expensive and larger motors, or find a new technological solution. 
 "Sovelmash" can offer a solution: combined winding motors that have no rivals in the world. They implement energy efficiency classes IE3 and higher without increasing the weight, dimensions and cost. Considering that about 50% of all motors in the world are operated in China, the Chinese market is extremely promising for the "Sovelmash" D&E. 
 By investing in the project "Duyunov's motors", you become the owner of the shares in the company whose products will be in high demand all over the world in the coming years. Hurry up to purchase an investment package before the end of the current project funding stage 15 at a higher discount on the shares. To make sure that everyone can take advantage of the beneficial conditions, we have extended the stage until May 19 inclusive! Until the same date, a number of special offers for the investors are valid: a bonus for replenishing the main account with cryptocurrency and a discount on paying for the package from the partner account. Follow the link for more information on how to invest with maximum benefit https://reg.solargroup.pro/en/site/newsinfo/1811