Heading for the world market: Andrey Lobov's team launches a new project with Duyunov's motors

Andrey Lobov speaks about the progress of the Bajaj Maxima tuk-tuk modernization project. Together with his team, he has been engaged for three years in modernization and development of vehicles from scratch that are equipped with combined winding electric motors. 
 To date, the specialists have prepared kits based on the motors with "Slavyanka" - DA-90S, DA-100S and controllers manufactured by ASPP Weihai, which each owner of light-weight transport with an internal combustion engine can independently install In their vehicle. This solution will provide the consumer with a lot of advantages: saving on fuel and maintenance, reliability and ease of maintenance, low noise level and no fumes during operation.
 Andrey Lobov and his team expect that tuk-tuks with Duyunov's motors will be in demand all over the world where tricycles are popular as commercial transport. In terms of their economic and environmental benefits, they are now beyond competition, and if you install a solar panel on the roof of the tuk-tuk, then in tropical latitudes you will not need to use the power outlet at all.
 The project partners in India have shown great interest in the modernized tuk-tuk. Soon they will be sent a batch of kits with motors, after installing them the vehicles will be subject to performance tests. 
 Andrey Lobov is particularly looking forward to the completion of the "Sovelmash" D&E construction and the time when the motors with "Slavyanka" will be developed there. And not only because he is the investor and partner of the project "Duyunov's motors". He knows that vehicles with traction motors developed in the D&E will have even more impressive performance characteristics, and in the future he plans to install kits with these motors in vehicles.
 Watch the interview that our film crew have prepared. And find out in detail about the current project of Lobov's team and plans for the near future.