The last day of funding stage 15 in the project "Duyunov's motors"

Until April 30, 23:59 Moscow time, you have the opportunity to invest in the project at a higher discount. From May 1, the discount on investment shares will decrease, in other words, the cost of the shares will increase. Besides, along with the stage end, the validity period of some special offers will expire. Namely:
 +5 % bonus for adding funds to the main account in the back office with cryptocurrency,
 5% discount for paying for an investment package from the partner account.
 We'll remind you what the project investor gets. 
 A source of passive income.
 The purchased investment shares become investor's property. After the project funding is completed (it will happen at stage 20), the shares will be exchanged for the shares of "Sovelmash". The investors will be able to receive their share of the profits from the company's activities in dividends or from the sale of their shares at the IPO. The company's prospects are very impressive, because the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department, which is being built with the investors' funds, will develop the most energy-efficient electric motors in the world. It is possible thanks to the unique combined winding technology "Slavyanka", which has been patented and is currently applied by Dmitriy Duyunov's team. 
 An opportunity to support innovations that are useful for the planet and the team of development engineers. 
 Additional income generated by the investments is important. However, it is equally important that the project has great value for all people and the planet as a whole. The most acute problem of our time is the ever-growing energy consumption. It is largely responsible for depleting the planet's fossil resources, polluting the air, water and soil, and causing global warming. 
 Energy saving is recognized as the main way to remedy the current situation, so any technology that saves energy is in high demand today around the world. Induction combined winding motors can be used in almost all areas of human life. With mass application, they can do a lot to solve environmental problems, as they consume up to 40% less electricity than their classic counterparts with the same weight and size parameters. At the same time, the "Slavyanka" motors have a lower production cost. 
 So, by investing in the project, you not only become the owner of the shares of a unique and extremely promising enterprise, not only get a source of high income, but also make your contribution to improving the environmental integrity of the planet and the quality of life of all people, including future generations, your children and grandchildren. 
 Over 36,000 investors from all over the world have already believed in the project and have not been disappointed, because they can see how Duyunov's team accomplishes all the tasks, how the D&E construction is progressing, equipment is being purchased, and motors are being developed and tested in the laboratory. All in all, the participants see the targeted use of attracted investments and the implementation of a well-organized business plan. 
 Join the project "Duyunov's motors" while it is still possible, increase the number of your shares in it, because there are very few stages left until the funding is completed. And most importantly - hurry up to do it before April 30 inclusive on the most beneficial conditions that will never be available again. And share this important information with your friends and colleagues!