Verification in the back office: guarantee of investor's rights

Verification is a procedure of the project participant identification that is carried out in the back office. It is necessary to ensure security of both the investors and SOLARGROUP.
 Only those project participants who have passed verification can:
 - document the purchased investment shares in their name and get the corresponding certificate (in other words, become the owners of the shares that can even be passed on by inheritance);
 - subsequently exchange these shares for the shares of "Sovelmash" and generate profit;
 - fully participate in the SOLARGROUP partner business, as they get the opportunity to transfer and withdraw funds from the partner account;
 - get guarantees of their rights, since the legal relationship with the company comes into full force only after verification.
 The verification procedure is also known as KYC ("Know your customer"). By using it, SOLARGROUP follows the international legislation, according to which KYC is mandatory for operation of financial companies, it prevents money laundering and financial fraud.
 The up-to-date information about your current verification status is available on your profile page in the back office.
 Not verified yet? Do it right now! The procedure is simple and will not take much time.
 How do I undergo verification?
 - Open the "Verification" subsection in your profile in the back office.
 - Fill in the form fields. You will need to provide your personal details, including the information in the identity card, and upload images of this document. Be careful when specifying the details. And follow the instructions that we have posted on this page.
 - Click "Complete verification". The information will be sent to moderators for processing, which can take up to 3 business days. After successful completion of the procedure, as well as in case of non-completion, you will receive a notification in the back office and by email.
 If you mistakenly enter or change your personal details, you must re-undergo verification. The previous details will be valid until the new ones are confirmed by the moderator.
 If you come across any difficulties during the verification procedure, reread the instructions carefully or contact technical support in the back office online chat (or by email).
 You can start investing before passing the verification, the shares you have purchased will be credited in the back office. But be sure to verify in order to secure your rights and get all the benefits of investing in the project!