Are Siemens, ABB, "RED" the rivals of "Sovelmash"?

In the new video of the "Questions and Answers" section, Dmitriy Duyunov discusses the topic of competition, speaks about the products of competing companies, as well as about "RED" contacting "Sovelmash".
 All companies involved in the development and production of electric motors are the competitors to some extent. But today, the vast majority of companies make motors with an energy efficiency class not higher than IE2. The combined winding technology "Slavyanka" enables creating modern energy-efficient motors that meet the standards of classes IE3, IE4 in IE1 motor frame.
 The material consumption of the electric motor created using the combined winding technology "Slavyanka" (1 kW of installed power) is 30-40% lower than that of the best foreign analogues in the corresponding energy efficiency class. This, in turn, reduces production costs including everything from the amount of material to the labor used. These factors distinguish the company among its competitors.
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