Can a large company take over "Sovelmash"?

A company that develops the most efficient electric motors in the world cannot be ignored by corporations working in this market. Can a large company (e.g., a car manufacturer) take over "Sovelmash" so that the project investors lose the opportunity to make a profit? 

Let's delve into a question that many project participants are concerned about.

There are several reasons why a takeover is unlikely. 

- Economic impracticability. Large companies like Tesla do not make all the components for their own development, but rather outsource them from third-party companies: motors in one place and controllers - in another. It is much easier than investing in their own development. Ordering motors from "Sovelmash" is more cost-effective than buying the company itself and investing time and money in its development. 

- The market is huge. About 7 billion induction electric motors are manufactured in the world per year. BusinesStat predicts that by 2023 this number will have reached 10 billion, and the motor fleet is worn out. Even monopolist companies that exclusively produce motors cannot meet all of the world's demand. The demand for electric motors is huge, there is enough room for everyone. The important thing is that "Sovelmash" is not limited to a narrow niche in this market, but can develop a variety of motors to meet almost any need the customer has - that's its advantage. 

- Crowdfunding. Dmitriy Duyunov's team adheres to a principled stance: to run the company independently and work on the territory of Russia. That is why, even before the start of crowdfunding, Dmitriy Alexandrovich turned down offers from major investors who were willing to invest in the project in exchange for a controlling interest in "Sovelmash". Crowdfunding has been chosen in order to maintain independence in managing the company.

At the same time, Duyunov's team understands that "Sovelmash" is a serious competitor for large companies, that can take various steps to eliminate competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for anything. 

As Dmitriy Alexandrovich Duyunov notes, "we clearly understand the challenges, we see the goal, we are moving towards it and we know how to fight". And these are not just words: they represent the real actions of the "Sovelmash" team that strictly follows the set goal and accomplishes all the tasks essential for achieving it, and the project participants have had a chance to see that more than once.