Capacities of the "Sovelmash" testing area at the beginning of 2021

To date, "Sovelmash" has its own capacities located in the winding and casting shops, on the territory of the high-precision testing laboratory, as well as in the testing area. 
 Head of the data and analytics department of "Sovelmash" Alexander Sudarev made a tour of the testing area and spoke about it in more detail.
 At the moment, the testing area is represented by the following equipment: 
 - chillers for cooling the equipment connected to them — a large laser complex and systems of loading machines; 
 - a large laser complex; 
 - storage systems for various materials and tools; 
 - a small exhibition with samples of electric motors created by the specialists of "Sovelmash"; 
 - gas supply and gas distribution system.
 The large laser plant is represented by a complex of units: 
 - an ytterbium fiber laser; 
 - a large enclosed laser table that includes the following convenient solutions - a built-in computer, protective screens, lighting, an air purification and filtration system, an oxygen sensor;
 - a small laser unit required for engraving;
 - a medium laser unit designed for cutting non-metallic materials, making tooling from plexiglass, plywood, etc., as well as cutting grooved insulation for placing in the grooves of electric motors. 
 The main elements of gas supply and gas distribution systems located in the area are:
 - a compressor,
 - receivers of different volume and pressure,
 - a nitrogen generator.
 A lot of workflow processes in "Sovelmash" depend on the nitrogen station and compressed air. The nitrogen supply goes to the casting and laser units, to the winding shop as well as other working areas.
 Depending on the needs, different materials are cut with different gases. Some materials are cut with compressed air, while others are cut using nitrogen. But cutting some of them requires increased pressure, and there is a booster pump or, in other terms, booster for this purpose. It can be used to cut under high pressure - more than 6 atmospheres. 
 The gases are piped through the gas supply system to other areas, including the winding area, where you can see the gas distribution unit with nitrogen and compressed air. 
 You will find this and other interesting information in this video. And in the next videos, we will introduce you to other areas of the company. 
 Enjoy watching and follow our updates!