Testing motors from China in "Sovelmash" laboratory

Recently, the "Sovelmash" laboratory has been visited by the representatives of the "STiIN" company for the purpose of testing electric motors. The company's founder Andrey Lobov told us about the activities of "STiIN" and the purpose of his visit in more detail:
 "Our company is engaged in conversion of petrol-powered vehicles into electric ones, as well as manufacturing electric vehicles. Combined winding electric motors are at the core of our business, because they are cost-effective and, as the tests demonstrate, have very good prospects.
 We had planned to visit the "Sovelmash" laboratory for a long time and are very happy that it actually happened. We came here to test several electric motors. It is important for us to determine their parameters and understand what vehicles we can install them in. One of them is a shortened version of size 112 electric motor manufactured by our partner in China, ASPP Weihai Technology. As for the second motor, we can't name its model yet, but it's a motor made by a foreign manufacturer that has a fairly high power."
 In this video, Andrey Lobov will also talk about the current projects and immediate plans of "STiIN".
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