How a newcomer partner can get the "Master" status as quickly as possible: Partner race navigator

SOLARGROUP Partner race has already started. Cash prizes and investment shares are waiting for the winners. Are you a newcomer to the partner activity and think that competing in the race next to the professionals is not for you? Let's prove otherwise! 
 We offer the instructions that many successful SOLARGROUP partners have followed, achieved their goals, and earned money at the start. Take active measures every day, and you will reach the "Master" status until April 14. With this status, you will receive referral remuneration from your structure up to level 7. Find out here what other bonuses are in store for you 
 Start today! The main thing is to understand why you need to move towards the goal. And make a decision. 
 Stage 1. Tell your friends and subscribers about the project. Before inviting other people to the project "Duyunov's motors", it is important for you to familiarize yourself with it. If you like the idea behind the project and if it energizes you — then act!
 Haven't signed the partnership agreement yet? Go to the back office, the "Documents" section. Find and sign the partnership agreement. 
 Choose the 3 latest key news about the project from the official sources and repost them from your back office account in your social media (the referral link will be placed automatically). Do not forget to add a few words to the repost: speak about what attracts you to the project. Answer the questions of those who get interested, offer them to register in the project's back office. 
 Make gifts to your friends in the form of investment shares. To do this, on the main page of the back office, click the "Gift to friends and acquaintances" button. If your friend registers using the invitation, both of you will receive a gift of 100 investment shares. The option details — 
 Participate in webinars with the project and partner program presentation. Invite those who have registered in your structure to the webinars: they will learn everything about the project that is important for a beginner to know. 
 Do I need to invest myself? This is not a prerequisite for beginners. But will your friends trust you and the project if they see that you do not invest in it yourself? Choose the investment package that suits you and purchase it in installments. As soon as you start receiving the referral remuneration, you will be able to make your installment payments using it. 
 Stage 2. Communicate with those who are interested in it and become the "Specialist". And also continue the actions of week one. Invite at least 14 people to the project every day. According to our observations, 10 people out of 100 invitees become the investors, and 1 of them becomes an active partner. Your task is not to persuade people to invest in the project, but rather to tell people what benefits it will bring them.
 When only two out of 100 people you invite a week invest $ 100 in a project each (the amount of a monthly installment payment for some investment packages), and you invest $ 250 yourself, then you will increase your partner status to the "Specialist" level. And you will also receive the first referral remuneration in the amount of 15 % of the payments in the first level of your structure.
 All this is more than real even in the first week of work! The main thing is to continue acting systematically. As you can see, no super skills are needed here.
 Stage 3. Help the investors in your structure to become partners. Remember one of the key rules of a successful partner: working with your team is the most effective strategy.
 Many project investors and participants would like to have additional income or earn money remotely, but they do not know about the opportunities the partner program offers. Tell them, share your own achievements to make them believe in their own abilities.
 Your task is to motivate your first-level partners to get the "Specialist" status, just as you have done it. The more partners do this, the less personal expenses you will need to incur at this stage, as you will receive increasingly larger amounts of referral remuneration. 
 To get the "Master" status, you need:
  - your personal investment in the project - from $ 500,
  - at least three partners in the first level of the structure with a personal investment volume of $ 200 or more,
  - total investments of yourself + first-level partners - at least $ 2,000.
 Seems like a lot? However, when there are 6 "Specialists" in the first line of your structure, all these conditions can be fulfilled without any additional expenses on your part, taking into account the minimum referral remuneration from the entire network. 
 Where can I look for help?
  - First of all, the person who invited you to the project, especially if this person is a partner with the "Master" status or higher. This person has experience that he or she will be happy to share with you. 
  - Useful materials for work (presentations, promotional materials) are available in the back office in the "For Partners" section.
 So, 6 Specialists within the 6 remaining weeks before the end of the race — and you become the "Master"! You get material bonuses and special recognition from the company. And not only that. Your self-confidence will increase, you will quickly overcome the start difficulties that many newcomers face and enter the orbit of new partner business opportunities. 
 What if you don't make it by April 14? In this case, you still do not lose anything, only gain: experience and a partner structure that you will continue to develop. Perhaps this Race will change your life forever!