Incremental encoder: a new development by "Sovelmash"

The engineers at "Sovelmash" have developed a new design for the incremental encoder (rotation angle sensor). What makes this engineering solution useful for the company?
 An incremental encoder is a device that converts the rotational motion of a motor shaft into a series of electrical pulses that determine the direction, angle, and speed of its rotation.
 The inhouse-developed encoder gives the company "Sovelmash" a number of advantages.
 1. It enables securing the business of producing traction motors for electric vehicles. The choice of suppliers for the other motor components is quite wide both in Russia and around the world. However, the vast majority of encoders are manufactured in China, which can lead to the company's dependence on the supplier that can at any time raise the price or put pressure on "Sovelmash".
 To make motor production stable and ensure the company's independence, we need our own inhouse produced incremental encoders. According to Dmitriy Duyunov, " this is a strategically important protection device for the business."
 2. It reduces production cost of the motor. The "Sovelmash" encoder is much cheaper than the Chinese analogues. While the cost of the latter is almost equal to the cost of the entire motor!
 3. It will enable implementing different motor models, while developing them without going public about it ahead of time. While in case of outsourcing the encoders, the company makes it clear what it is currently working on.
 4. It improves consumer properties of the motors. In the process of developing the combined winding hub motor, different types of encoders were used and each of them had its own design-related or economic flaws. The "Sovelmash" encoder meets all the requirements. For example, it does not require regular maintenance.
 5. It is another possible source of profit for the company. The "Sovelmash" encoders expand opportunities for the manufacturers of electric motors, therefore, they are able to arouse interest in the market.
 And most importantly! "Sovelmash" not only developed the design of the encoder, but also created a plant for the production of its main components, that will allow, if required, to produce 30-40 thousand product units per month.
 Currently, the company continues to work on enhancing its new development.