Questions & Answers. Dmitriy Duyunov about the demand for "Sovelmash" motors

Will the combined winding motors developed by the company "Sovelmash" really be in high demand on the global market? Dmitriy Duyunov, the developer of the "Slavyanka" technology answers this question.
 There are several factors that make high demand for the "Sovelmash" motors predictable.
 First, induction motors to which the combined winding technology is applicable are the most popular class of electric motors. Today, in every apartment there are more of them than people. In total, there are about 7 billion induction motors in the world and about the same number of them are being overhauled with winding replacement. The company "Sovelmash" signed contracts with more than a hundred licensed winders who replace the motor winding with the "Slavyanka"-type winding.
 It is induction motors that are the basis of modern industry, nothing more perfect has been invented yet. At the same time, according to forecasts of reputable analytical centers, such as Businesstat, the number of electric motors will grow in the next decade. The most developed countries have announced the transition to electric transport by 2030.
 Second, more and more energy-saving measures are being introduced in the world. For example, in Europe, the introduction of motors with energy efficiency class lower than IE3 has been banned. At the same time, the motors of IE3 and IE4 classes are larger in size and much more expensive than class IE1 ones, since the class is increased only by increasing the mass and improving the quality of materials used. Not every piece of equipment is capable of accommodating such motors. The "Sovelmash" motors demonstrate the energy efficiency of IE3, IE4 classes in the dimensions of class IE1 motors without increasing the production cost, because the efficiency increases due to applying the unique "Slavyanka" technology. In your opinion, which product will appeal more to the manufacturers of equipment? The one that meets the requirements to properties, quality and price, or the one that will make you change the entire production workflow and significantly increase the price for equipment?
 Before starting the project, Duyunov's team analyzed what the demand for motor development would be. And only after making sure that this line of business had great prospects, the team decided to commercialize the technology. At the same time, "Sovelmash" understands perfectly well that in order to earn profit from the technology, it is necessary to implement it in a specific design and offer production set-up. To do this, you need the corresponding documentation, production facilities, premises, to name but a few — something that will be available only on the territory of the design and engineering technology department that is currently being built in "Technopolis "Moscow".
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