Week results in the project "Duyunov's motors"

Installation of foundation for the package unit outdoor transformer substation has started on the "Sovelmash" construction site. The package unit transformer substation is used to change the voltage and distribute electricity between the facilities connected to it. It stabilizes current supply, which enables avoiding voltage surges during the operation of electrical equipment. Transformers will be installed inside the transformer substation and electricity will be supplied from the SEZ "Technopolis Moscow". Thus, the installed transformer unit will generate more electricity than the existing power generator. The package unit transformer substation will supply the entire construction site with electricity until the end of construction activities.
 At the leased premises of "Sovelmash", the audit of documentation drawn up by the designers is underway. Besides, the forms of test reports, commercial proposals, estimates and other reporting documents are checked.
 Accounting documents are also being prepared for the year 2020 audit.
 A new language - Portuguese - is now available in the back office and on SOLARGROUP's website https://solar.group. Residents of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and a number of other countries now receive information about the project in their native language.
 In total, the back office currently operates in 22 languages!