Updated website of the project "Duyunov's motors": all the up-to-date information in one place

The project participants who regularly visit the project's website certainly noticed that the resource had undergone major changes.
 We have launched a new version of the website on the familiar domain https://solargroup.pro. Now it is much more convenient for the visitors to delve into the project.
 The updated resource contains much more information about the project, all of it has been updated and posted in 22 languages.
 Unlike the previous version, the website is multi-page.
 On the Main page, the user can find the key information about the project and view the news and announcements of upcoming events, as well as register in the project.
 The section "About the project" describes the purpose of the project, why and where it is planned to build the design and engineering technology department of "Sovelmash", how the company and investors will make money. It also contains information about all the past funding stages of the project and its main achievements, the key documents related to the D&E construction.
 The section "Technology" is devoted to the combined winding technology "Slavyanka". After reading the information posted there, you will understand the essence and uniqueness of the invention, find out what its advantages are. The same section features the research results, patents and examples of developments with Duyunov's motors. Besides, here you can find out where to purchase the motors modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology and transport equipped with them.
 In the "Investments" section, you will learn how to become the project investor and earn income, as well as how the investor rights are protected.
 In the "For Partners" section, you will find out what SOLARGROUP's partner program is and how to earn profit in the project thanks to it.
 You won't have to search for information about the project in different sources — the new site contains everything you need to know.
 Who will benefit from the resource?
 - The website provides information that will help assess the prospects of the project to people interested in investment.
 - The project website helps the new members to find out more information and to better navigate the project.
 - It will be useful for experienced investors to monitor the project news to keep up-to-date with all the events.
 - The partners can use the website as a convenient comprehensive tool for promoting the project.
 Get familiarized with the updated website and share the link with your friends!ф