"Sovelmash" construction news: installation of the foundation for the transformer substation

In our recent reports from the "Sovelmash" construction site, we talked about concreting the concrete slab, shaping the reinforcement frame for the foundation, and other ongoing works. We talked about the details and peculiarities of working on the construction site, introduced the project design documentation. In today's report from the construction site, we will show how the foundation for the package unit outdoor transformer substation is being installed.
 The package unit transformer substation is used to change the voltage and distribute electricity between the facilities connected to it. It stabilizes the current supply, which allows to avoid voltage surges during the operation of electrical equipment.
 An integral stage of installing transformer substations is shaping the foundation, the construction of which is shown in this video.
 Previously, on the territory of the D&E construction site, electricity was supplied from a power generating unit. Now, for this purpose, a package unit outdoor transformer substation will be built, inside which the transformers will be installed and electricity will be supplied from the SEZ "Technopolis Moscow". Thus, the installed transformer unit will generate more electricity than before. The package unit outdoor transformer substation will supply the entire construction site with electricity until the end of the construction activities.
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