News from the construction site of "Sovelmash" D&E: making the reinforcement cage for the foundation

Foundation is considered to be an important structure of each construction project, so it's given close attention. Compliance with certain rules of work performance guarantees quality, long service life and reliability of the structure as a whole. In each type of footing, a reinforcement cage is arranged for the foundation. The concrete base with no metal frame does not have the required strength level. Concrete takes only the stress effects of compression, while steel bars compensate for stretching and deformation, thereby ensuring integrity of the foundation.
 In today's report from the construction site, the supervisor of the construction site Alexey Novikov will answer the question:
 "Why is shaping the reinforcement cage for the D&E building foundation carried out by welding, and not with the help of the more commonly used binding wire?"
 "All the current works, whether it is reinforcement of the foundation or foundation concrete works, are carried out in accordance with the approved project design documentation. Shaping the reinforcement cages can be performed in 2 ways: using the method of "binding" - with binding wire, or by welding. These two methods are absolutely equivalent, but it is the design engineer who makes a decision which method of reinforcement to choose. Welding of the frame is necessary to hold the frame in the permanent position until the concrete sets. As for other ongoing works, the concrete that was poured the other day is being warmed up, its strength and temperature are being checked daily, and preparations are underway for building the next "floors" of the foundation."
 The construction site supervisor also introduced us to the project design documentation, according to which the current construction works are being carried out, including the foundation plan and the certificate for the welded reinforcement.
 All this and other information you will learn from the video.