"Technopolis "Moscow": Innovations for the betterment of ecology

The project "Duyunov's motors" is a business that fulfills an important environmental mission. Using resources with great care, preserving the planet for future generations — this is what is important for all the participants of our project: the technology development team, the company SOLARGROUP and investors. It is also noteworthy that environmental issues are taken care of in the place where the "Sovelmash" design and engineering technology department is being built. What is being done on the territory of the "Technopolis "Moscow" special economic zone to protect the environment?
 Products of the residents
 In the capital's SEZ, there are a number of enterprises whose activity is aimed at improving the environment. We'll tell you about some of them.
 The "Ecoplast" plant is engaged in recycling household appliances and electronic devices at the most cutting-edge level. The best plastic separation technologies in the world are used here. The plant's products are used for manufacturing building materials, car parts, casing for electronics and household appliances, and by-products are used for making fuel additives. The primary products are 90 % recycled. The production cycle of the enterprise is also waste-free: the waste water is cleaned and reused.
 Another resident of the SEZ, the company "Energy Storage", develops and produces lithium-ion batteries for use in electric motor equipment: loaders, reach trucks, stacking trucks, electric carts, cleaning and other industrial equipment. The service life of such batteries is two to three times longer than that of traditional lead-acid batteries, and the battery is capable of more than three thousand charge/discharge cycles.
 Another research and production enterprise operating on the territory of "Technopolis "Moscow" has created an innovative solution for drinking water purification without the usual chlorination. VDK produces a plant that purifies water using a much more accessible, cheaper, and safer raw material: table salt.
 More and more attention in the SEZ is being paid to the ecology on the territories of the technology parks themselves.
 Thus, an innovative environmental monitoring station has been installed at one of the sites in "Technopolis "Moscow". It continuously measures the concentration of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, suspended particles, and methane. Visitors of the technology park can see the real-time measurement results.
 Being the most state-of-the-art among all the other sites of the capital's technology park, the "Alabushevo" site where the "Sovelmash" D&E is being built prioritizes environmental issues. In the autumn of 2020, more than 4,000 trees and shrubs were planted in "Alabushevo". On the central street of the site, the "Residents Alley" was set up: the trees in it were planted by the residents of the capital's SEZ.
 For eco-friendly and fast transportation of the enterprises employees and visitors of the industrial zone, several scooter stations operate on its territory. Electric scooters are available completely free of charge, which is important for the Zelenograd site with an area of 140 hectares.
 According to the information published on the "Technopolis "Moscow" website, mandatory waste sorting will be organized in the SEZ "Alabushevo".
 As you can see, the special economic zone is a territory where innovations are used for the betterment of ecology. The activity of the company "Sovelmash" perfectly meets this principle. The "Sovelmash" D&E will develop the most energy-efficient induction motors in the world.
 The existence and development of present-day humanity is unthinkable without electrical energy, the need for which is constantly growing. The needs of people are catered for by billions of electric motors, more than half of them are induction motors. Large-scale application of combined winding motors developed at "Sovelmash" will save a huge amount of energy, so that the growing demand for electricity can be met without harming the planet. And this is not the only positive effect of using the technology!
 Do you want to support the construction of D&E and profit from the innovative "Slavyanka" technology? Invest in the project "Duyunov's motors" and tell your friends about this opportunity.