ASTRON: a tour of the plant in Yaroslavl / Part II

In the continuation of the Astron plant tour, you will learn about the workshop for producing secondary frame elements, the warehouse for finished products and fasteners, the workshop for profiling enclosure structures and the shipping area. 
 The main product of the workshop producing secondary frame elements is the Z-shaped profile. This profile is used as a building crate, i.e. it is attached to the main frame as a base for insulation and enclosure structures. The Z-shaped profiles are made from strips: the rolls of galvanized steel are hung on the line, unwound to the required length, all the holes necessary for mounting installation are made, and then the bending takes place either automatically on rollers, or the workpieces are bent on a tandem press. 
 The warehouse of finished products and fasteners, which Astron does not produce, but supplies to the construction site as part of the building, houses the bolts, sealants, rivets, screws, seals, plugs and other elements necessary for the assembly of structures. All these products are packed in boxes weighing up to 700 kg. Each box has a data sheet, number, etc., to make it easy to find the necessary assembly parts. 
 In the shop for the profiling of enclosure structures, 3 types of profiles are rolled: a wall internal or external profile, a profile for the upper or lower layer of the roof and internal cladding, as well as a profile for seam roofing (LMR600). 
 The shipping area has three loading pits. It is large enough for the convenience of loading the required products. 
 The plant itself, its construction, metal profiles are an example of what the customer gets from Astron in the end. 
 You will learn this and much more from the video. Enjoy watching!