Golf cars with "Slavyanka": production site news

 Good news has arrived from the project participant Victor Arestov: work on the production of golf cars using the "Slavyanka" technology is in full swing! 
The controllers and motors have already been installed, the controllers will be set up in the near future, and after receiving the batteries and solar panels, the complete setting procedure and performance tests will be carried out.
Now the finest quality materials are used for producing similar golf cars:

- all aluminum stainless design;
- improved and modified DA-100SL motor. It has no front flange and is now run at 48 V, while reaching a power of 4.6 kW. 
- the speed of the motor is 7,500 revolutions, the speed of the golf car itself reaches 48 km/h with 4 people on board. This is due to the small size of the wheel circumference.
- the speed of the golf car available for purchase will be limited to 35 km/h . But with the motors the company used earlier, and with the Curtis controllers, the speed of the unloaded golf car was only 28 km/h. 
 Golf cars are widely used due to the fact that they run on electric traction, are eco-friendly and low-noise, and therefore can be used not only in open spaces, but also indoors and in recreational areas. Golf cars are used in a variety of areas: 
- at large enterprises for transportation of employees around the shops; 
- in health resorts and hospitals for safe transportation of patients; 
- in parks and tourist areas for sightseeing trips; 
- in stadiums for transporting athletes and equipment; 
- at airports and railway stations for transportation of passengers and luggage; 
- in hypermarkets for easy movement of visitors.
 Currently, the golf car based on the "Slavyanka" technology and with solar panels installed on the roof is a high-demand innovative product. Golf cars of this version can run on solar power solely, without recharging from the mains electricity!
 You will learn more details about this and more from the video.