ASTRON: subtleties and features of work / Sergey Kostyunichev

 The film crew of the project has repeatedly become a guest of Astron. On one of the days of visiting the plant in Yaroslavl, we talked to the company's representative — the Key Account Manager Sergey Kostyunichev, who told us a lot of interesting things about the peculiarities of working on projects, uniqueness of the materials and technologies used, as well as about cooperation with "SovElMash" and construction of the design and engineering technology department (D&E).
 The plant in Yaroslavl is Astron's plant that produces complete prefabricated buildings, and not only steel parts, but also a lot of different accessories to make the building as assembled as possible upon delivery. The scope of supply includes: roofing, walls, insulation, sealants, screws — everything necessary for complete building assembly. All the structures included in the building kit pass the necessary stages of in-plant preparation and fit each other like parts of a Meccano set.
 Astron is a European leader in the production of complete prefabricated steel buildings, with extensive experience in the international and Russian markets. Astron will produce the building frame, roofing, lining, part of the internal partitions, windows, doors, stained glass parts for the company "SovElMash" and the future D&E.
 Astron products allow you to construct a building fast and on time, while reducing the cost of construction and installation works. Each element of the metal structures is delivered to the construction site in a state of high operational readiness, providing fast and technologically simple installation.
 Welding, cutting, drilling of metal structures are carried out at the Astron plant. Only the bolt assembly is used on the construction site. 
 Astron is the only Russian manufacturer of seam roofing systems for large buildings. This roofing is based on the tin can principle: the double seam is rolled 360 degrees in the same way and this provides a guarantee against leaks for up to 10 years.
 Another advantage of working with steel is the possibility of recycling it in the future, assembling the building in the cold weather, its fairly light weight compared to reinforced concrete structures, which allows you to construct a building faster. Other advantages also include no environmental footprint: Astron buildings do not emit anything, they do not heat the environment and, besides, they protect people and equipment inside the building from overheating in summer and from hypothermia and overcooling in winter.
 Only European-made equipment is used for producing the buildings, and there is a clear quality monitoring system. Thus, each finished part of the frame has its own tag containing all the necessary information that will be needed at the installation stage.
 Cooperation with "SovElMash" began 2 years ago, the project has been undergoing changes, but now it is being successfully implemented — all the works on the D&E construction are being carried out in full accordance with the set plan!
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