One day left before the stage change: what is important for the investor to know?

December 30 is the last day of stage 14 in the project "Duyunov's motors". You can purchase an investment package with the maximum benefit only until 23:59 Moscow time.
 Let's remind you why we recommend investing at stage 14. 
 - The price of investment shares at the current stage is lower. And as soon as December 31, they will rise in price. Compare the stage discounts here — 
 - Restoring a cancelled installment plan at the date-of-purchase discount is a unique opportunity that will never be available again in the project! Make only one payment on your installment plan schedule, regardless of when it was cancelled, and continue to purchase investment shares on the conditions of their purchase date. 
 - Investment packages of new convenient denominations. The opportunity to purchase $ 2,021, $ 4,000 and $ 6,000 packages was not previously available in the project — it won't be available after the stage ends too. 
 - Bonus for the project partners. By paying for the investment package directly from the partner account, you receive a 5% discount on the payment amount. We remind you that the opportunity to pay for a package from the partner account, and not only from the main account, has been introduced in the back office to provide more convenience for the partners. 
 The conditions of these special offers can be combined with other promotions of the project. For example, if you buy a new investment package before January 15, you will receive extra 2021 bonus shares. You will also get a 5% discount on the amount of the first payment for the package thanks to the promo code that you received if you had registered for the final webinar of the year.
 We shared information about all the special offers in the project here
 Stage 14 has become the most important in the history of the project. In the course of this stage, "SovElMash" received a construction permit for the design and engineering technology department, and the preparation for the construction began at the "Alabushevo" site. 
 By the end of the stage, almost all the preparatory works on the site and outside it have been completed: the construction camp has been built, the temporary utilities and roads have been made, and the water drainage is ready. Quite recently, a compensation agreement has been signed that will allow to clear vegetation interfering with the construction process on the site. At the plant of the subcontractor company Astron, the production of metal structures for the building frame is in full swing, some of them have already been delivered to the site. 
 Significant events have occurred also far beyond the construction site. In Asia, several developments with Duyunov's motors that ASPP Weihai is engaged in have gained momentum at once. First of all, these are solar golf cars that in real conditions demonstrated a unique ability to work exclusively on solar power. Another project is Thai boats whose environmental friendliness was evaluated by the Minister of Thailand, and there are more projects. In addition, SOLARGROUP's national representative office was opened in Indonesia, a country that is one of the leaders by the number of investors in the project. 
 In Africa, the interest to the project and the "Slavyanka" project is also steadily growing. A national representative office of SOLARGROUP was opened in Togo. And the foreign office of the company, the second in a row worldwide, was opened in Benin.
 Three-quarters of the planned 20 project funding stages have been left behind, and the most difficult preparatory tasks for the construction have been completed. Stage 15 is ahead, during it we will continue to monitor the progress of the construction works and wait for other important news from "SovElMash" and SOLARGROUP.