Win an investment package worth up to $ 15,000

Win an investment package worth up to $ 15,000

For the first time in its history, the project "Duyunov's motors" launches a New Year lottery for all investors!

Until December 31 inclusive, invest in the project - get coupons for participating in the New Year lottery - win one or more investment packages.

On January 10, we will raffle off investment packages at a discount of stage 17:
• 1 package worth $ 15,000,
• 10 packets worth $ 1,000 each.

Each time your payments made during the offer validity period amount to $ 250, you will get 1 lottery coupon. It can be a single $ 250 payment or a series of payments totaling $ 250.

For each additional $ 250 spent, you will get 1 coupon. The number of coupons is not limited. The more you have, the better your chances of winning in the raffle.

An example of how the offer works

You make a $ 100 installment payment during the offer validity period. A few days later you add another $ 200. The amount of payments reaches $ 250, so you get one coupon and become a participant in the lottery. In this case, you will still have a $50 participating in the offer. If you make payments for another $ 200 during the offer, you will get a second coupon.

How do I participate in the lottery?

• Make a payment in the back office to repay or restore your installment plan, or a lump-sum payment for a package.
• When your payments reach the amount of $ 250, you will be notified in the back office of getting a lottery coupon and see a counter for the amount you need to get the next coupon.
• If you win the lottery, the prize package will be credited to you under the conditions of the current funding stage, immediately after the raffle. No bonuses or options will apply to it.

Learn more about the lottery here.

Be sure to participate and collect your prize. Best of luck!