Results of the survey on the back office tools

Results of the survey on the back office tools

Dear partners! Thank you for keeping in touch with us and sharing your opinions. It's important to us that every tool we develop and add to the back office fully meets your needs - and makes your activity more efficient.

In May, we conducted a survey to find out what you think about the usefulness of such back office tools as "Knowledge Base", "Partner Work Methodology" and promotions for partners.

• In the "Knowledge Base", we have collected and systematized complete information about the project and the company, it is a joint venture of SOLARGROUP and "Sovelmash", which contains answers to any user questions. The value of this tool was high for 36.25% of our partners, and 26.5% found it most useful.

• We've created the "Partner Work Methodology" tool as a training material that helps to find investors and partners, interact with them competently and perform any partner business activity effectively and comfortably. This tool was rated highly by 22.75% of the partners, and 34.5% found it to be of the utmost use.

• We've developed promotions for partners to translate routine business processes into a game format - and to help partners achieve their goals faster, making partner activity more exciting and rewarding. 32.5% of the survey participants turned out to be promo users, while the rest provided reasons for not taking part so far.

Thus, all the tools are aimed at the development - of the project and of each partner individually!

We're glad you appreciate these tools, apply them and grow. We are constantly working to ensure that everyone involved in the project feels comfortable and gets the most out of it. Stay tuned - we cover every new tool in detail and explain what benefits you can get from it. And we believe that direct contact helps us achieve our common goals more quickly.