A new offer for new investors: "Starter Bonus"

A new offer for new investors: "Starter Bonus"

Planning to invest in the project "Duyunov's motors" for the first time? We give you $ 25 for your first investment.

What do I need to get the "Starter Bonus"?

1. Register in the back office of the project by following the link.

2. Confirm your registration by following the link in the email we send you. $ 25 will then be credited to your main account in the back office.

3. Invest in the project within 14 calendar days after confirming your registration. You can buy a package of investment shares in installments or in a lump-sum payment. Part of the investment will be paid for with the gift funds, so you will save money. If you do not invest on time, the gift $ 25 will be revoked.

Let us show by example how the "Starter Bonus" offer works.

You take out a $ 1,000 investment package on a 10-month installment plan. The first monthly installment payment is $ 100. Of this amount, $ 25 will be paid in bonuses. But only if you pay the remaining $ 75 within 14 days after confirming your registration in the back office.

Attention! Along with launching the "Starter Bonus", we are also withdrawing the "5% Bonus of Shares for Beginners" that was previously in effect in the project.

Learn more about the "Starter Bonus" offer by clicking here.

The offer is valid from 1.06.2023 to 30.06.2023

Hurry up and invest in the project "Duyunov's motors" profitably and tell new participants about it!