The best defense is to be ahead of the curve: how does "Sovelmash" protect its developments from copying?

The best defense is to be ahead of the curve: how does "Sovelmash" protect its developments from copying?

For a company whose developments can fundamentally change the global electric motor market, the issue of protecting its know-how is a priority. It is important to understand that in fact no invention is 100% copy-proof. But it is possible to minimize the risks. "Sovelmash" solves this problem comprehensively, by applying two strategies.

The first is the strategy of outstripping development

"Sovelmash" conducts its patent policy so that the price of copying for competitors is unreasonably high and it is not economically feasible for them to copy the technology. The task of the developers is to understand how to improve the invention in the future, to calculate the company's actions several steps ahead.

The second is the patenting strategy

Patenting is necessary to protect the invention from copying by competitors. If the technology owner discovers illegal use of the technology, they can go to court and hold the infringer liable. The degree of reliability of invention protection depends on the quality of patent specialists' work and the soundness of the patenting strategy.

The patent is issued in the country where the company is going to enter the market. Each country has its own patenting rules. "Sovelmash" mainly patents inventions. Such patents are the most powerful protective documents.

Now the project team has more than 20 intellectual property items, all registered in Russia:

• 7 of them were received by request directly from "Sovelmash";
• 6 patents were passed on by "ASiPP", the founder of "Sovelmash";
• "Sovelmash" trademark;
• "ASiPP" has 12 patents in this area.

Since the research and development continues, so does patent work.

Interested in learning more about patenting? Write in the comments what questions about the patent work of "Sovelmash" you want answered. And we will try to answer them in the following posts.

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