Project Guide: Why is it important to repay your installment plan in full?

Project Guide: Why is it important to repay your installment plan in full?

In the project "Duyunov's motors", you can buy a package of investment shares on a 10 to 30 month installment plan. Today we'll tell you why it's important to repay it in full and on schedule.

• You'll get much more investment shares. Typically, more than half of the shares of their number in the package accrue only after the last installment payment is made. Besides, you will be credited with an additional 5% of investment shares to their number in the package for repayment of your installment plan on schedule.

Example. A $ 3,000 package at the stage 19 discount, purchased on a 10-month installment plan, contains 327,000 shares. After each monthly payment, you will get 18,000 shares. Thus, after covering 9 monthly payments, you will be credited with 162,000 shares. And when you make your last 10th monthly payment, you'll get another 165,000 shares and a 5% bonus, or 16,350 shares.

• You'll start getting a return on your investment sooner. Timely repayment of installment plans is a guarantee of successful and fast construction of the "Sovelmash" engineering centre. And the sooner the enterprise is completed, the sooner you will earn dividends from its operations or profits from selling the shares.

What if I don't make my installment payment on time?

The installment plan is cancelled 19 days after the due payment date. If your installment plan is cancelled, the investment shares you have already paid for will remain yours, but you will permanently lose the bonus shares.

You can restore it by repaying the whole debt in the back office, following the link.

If you have a cancelled installment plan, please hurry up and restore it, as we are gradually closing down this opportunity. For example, recovery is no longer available for installment plans cancelled in 2017 and 2018.

But it's much better to avoid cancellations — and now you know why!