Questions & Answers / Dmitriy Duyunov about the potential partnership with global companies

Currently more and more enterprises worldwide are getting engaged in the production of electric vehicles. Thanks to the "Slavyanka" technology, "Sovelmash" is capable of developing the most energy-efficient, reliable, powerful and at the same time more affordable electric motors, including motors for vehicles. Why don't car manufacturers invest in "Sovelmash" then? 
 Dmitriy Duyunov answers this question, which is of interest for many project participants. 
 To find the answer, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a car manufacturer. 
 Undoubtedly, the company is interested in motors that have a number of considerable advantages over the competitors. But it also needs to ensure that such motors are produced meeting the company's demands. Currently, only electric motors modernized using the "Slavyanka" technology are produced in the world — this option is not suitable for the company, especially since "Sovelmash" is not engaged in modernization. 
 But what if the car manufacturer invests in the construction of the "Sovelmash" D&E to bring closer the time when development and production of the most efficient motors in the world will be possible? This kind of investments could be of interest for the company, but only under the condition of owning a majority stake in "Sovelmash". Otherwise, the car manufacturer will not be able to exert influence on the D&E, which means that nothing will prevent the latter from developing motors not only for the company, but also for the competitors. That is why at this project development stage, it is not profitable for potential future partners of "Sovelmash" either to fund or invest in our company. 
 According to Dmitriy Duyunov, plenty of manufacturers know about the "Slavyanka" technology and are waiting for the D&E to be built. "Sovelmash" will be able to develop new-generation electric motors meeting the customer needs only on the premises of the design and engineering technology department. Construction of the enterprise is now the main task in the project. At the same time, with no time lost, Duyunov's team is also searching for future customers: there are a number of preliminary agreements on cooperation between "Sovelmash" and the potential customers. 
 Watch the video interview with Dmitriy Duyunov to learn more details about this issue. And follow the development of the innovative project!