Building the foundation for the "Sovelmash" D&E— a start has been made!

Recently, the employees of the company "Sovelmash" have visited the construction site in "Alabushevo" and witnessed the beginning of building the D&E foundation.
 At the moment, concreting the slab for the building foundation is underway. The construction site supervisor Alexey Novikov spoke in detail about this process:
 "In order to produce the main "body" of the foundation made of B 25 concrete, you must create a concrete mattress on which the formwork and mesh reinforcement will be placed and the "floors" of the structure will be concreted for the foundation. Today you have seen the process of concreting the concrete slab that we are pouring using antifreeze additives. Next, the measures will be taken to cover and heat the slab, control the temperature of the concrete and, as soon as it reaches the required strength, and it will take about 2 days, we will begin further construction of the foundation "floors".
 Watch the video that shows all the nitty-gritty details of the ongoing work and most importantly - clearly demonstrates the process of its execution.
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