It's a pleasure to learn

It's a pleasure to learn

Many people, since their school days, retain the feeling that learning is boring. Learning is something that you just have to go through, experience the process, overcome your own "I don't want to". But that's why we become adults, to have a choice and change our reality! Just remember that you're an adult and no one can make you do anything you really don't want to do.

This is where the enjoyable part begins. And then you'll realize that if you haven't enjoyed learning so far, it's only because the process wasn't organized properly.

• Everything starts with a dream. Let's say you've been a partner of SOLARGROUP for a year or more. And you still haven't read "Partner Work Methodology". Even though you were told it was easy and you wouldn't have to do anything complicated. Forget about "Methodology"! Dream about how much money you'll start making, how easily you'll be able to do any business communication, how cool and confident you'll become. You will be free from the routine and free to perform actions in the partner program when you want, or not to perform when you are lazy - your partner business, your structure will still continue working for you. You'll be a role model, and everyone will want the same ease and comfort in their work as you have. That's what you need it for.

• The time and place for learning is a special world. You don't have to sit in a room with people you don't like, you don't have to get up early and put on something you don't like. You're an adult and you can choose. Now you have your own rules, do the opposite. Create a pleasant environment for yourself before you open the "Knowledge Base", for example. Get the unnecessary stuff out of your way, make some space, sit in a cozy room (or wherever you want), put down a pillow, make some delicious tea. What you begin to learn in a comfortable and pleasant environment will be associated with comfort and pleasure later on. It's very simple!

• You don't have to do anything. Seriously! It is not necessary to study. You don't have to be an excellent student, it doesn't matter how you're judged by others, you don't even have to achieve the results that are expected of you. You only do it because you have a dream (see point 1). Or you don't do it if you're not ready to fulfill it yet. And most importantly, you don't have to learn the same way others do. Let's say you have trouble concentrating on one subject of study for a long time. Great! Read one chapter of "Methodology"- and take a break right after. Plan something nice for this break. Or vice versa - if you're engrossed and want to finish reading without interruption, do so. Your rules - your pace.

• Every action has a beginning and a finale. You and only you are in control of your learning process, no one tells you what to do. If this process begins and ends with the most important thing, you will automatically get results. Let's say you don't want to start with an introduction, but you want to know right away why you should participate in SOLARGROUP promotions. Great, start with the last chapter of "Methodology". And finish your studying by consolidating - try to remember and spell out what you've learned. That's how our brain works: in any process, we remember better what was at the start and what was at the end than the middle part. It's the same in learning - start and finish with what you want to remember better.

• The curriculum is needed not to follow it. If you've taught or watched the process yourself, you already know how to make learning routine. So, make this plan. Let it be in your head or recorded somewhere. This way it will be more pleasant to violate it. For example, according to the plan, you read "Methodology" in portions and try to apply the knowledge in practice - the standard scheme.
Get creative! For each passage, think about what you could add to it, introduce something of your own. Even if you don't do everything you planned because of it, you'll definitely appropriate this knowledge to yourself, become a co-author. You are not limited in time! "Methodology" will not disappear from the back office.

One more thing. Approach learning as an exciting adventure. It's a journey of discovery. And along the way, you will begin to change, to become better than you were at the start.