How "Sovelmash" is getting ready to receive the certificate of construction completion?

How "Sovelmash" is getting ready to receive the certificate of construction completion?

Spring is near, which means that the deadline is approaching when "Sovelmash" will have to be approved by the state commission and receive a certificate of construction completion for the design and engineering technology department. As agreed with "Technopolis "Moscow", this will happen at the end of March.

Now "Sovelmash" is compiling packages of documents to apply for the completion of construction. It is already clear that a number of construction tasks will not be completed by then and comments are likely to be received. To speed up the process, "Sovelmash" has invited specialists for a preliminary inspection.

Dmitriy Duyunov: "After March 10, the representatives of control and supervisory authorities are to start their work at our facility. They will give comments that we will need to address prior to submitting an application for construction completion."

What is needed to obtain a certificate of construction completion?

The task of "Sovelmash" is to commission the building box, which is connected to the external engineering networks, equipped with internal utilities and security systems. Process equipment, furniture and the like are optional at this stage. Therefore, the main focus of the current effort is on the internal engineering networks.

What will happen after the certificate of construction completion is obtained?

This will be followed by a period of obtaining a permit for putting the D&E into operation. At this stage, "Sovelmash" will have to:

• install and debug process equipment,
• put it into operation,
• equip the premises and offices with furniture and everything necessary.

These tasks are already being accomplished to save time later on. "Timing is everything for us now," noted Dmitriy Duyunov.

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