Make your installment payments on time - get maximum shares

Make your installment payments on time - get maximum shares

Paying in installments for an investment package? Get extra bonus shares for timely repayment. To do this, you need:

• to pay the installment plan in full, 
• make all payments within the time period specified in the rules. 

Payment discipline is especially beneficial to you if you purchased a package within the offer aimed at funding the engineering utilities. Thanks to it you will get 10% to 50% in bonus shares out of their total number in the package. 

If you bought your investment package not as part of the offer, payment discipline will also earn you bonuses - 5% shares out of their number in the package. 

The main thing is to make due payments on time. You can view the installment schedule in the back office: "Investments" section - "My investments", "My installments" tab. Or by following the link. Select the desired installment plan and open the payment schedule. You will see the dates and amounts for all the payments, as well as the number of shares and bonuses each payment will bring you.

The difference between the number of shares in a package paid on time and a package not paid in full or with overdue payments is very considerable. We'll exemplify. 

Let's say you bought a $ 5,000 package on a 30-month installment plan at a stage 10 discount in August 2022 as part of the offer. It contains 1,625,000 shares. 

• You will be credited with 501,000 shares for making 25 monthly installment plan payments. 
• You will get 1,124,000 shares for the remaining 5 payments. 
• After the last installment payment is made, you will be credited with +40% bonus shares as part of the offer to fund the engineering utilities - that's 650,000 shares. 

For timely payment of the last 5 installment plan months you will receive another 1,744,000 shares - more than 3 times the number of shares for all the previous months. 

And most importantly! Timely installment payments by the investors are necessary to complete the "Sovelmash" D&E construction. The success of our project is in the hands of each and every one of you!